The Bat! Professional 10.5 Multilingual

File size: 326 MB

The Bat! is a popular email client that allows to work with unlimited number of the mailboxes. Furthermore, it has powerful sorting filters, fully customizable message templates, Mail Dispatcher and many more other features. The main task of the program is to secure protection of the correspondence from data theft and monitoring by third parties. The Bat! 8 is able to handle an unlimited number of e-mail accounts and to process and store an unlimited number of messages.

Camlytics Premium 2.3.4

File size: 69.2 MB

When it comes to video surveillance and camera monitoring, you need a powerful software solution and state-of-the-art cameras in order to be able to efficiently protect your business or home. Certain monitoring software tools, such as Camlytics, can help you maintain security by offering detailed analysis of the information recorded by your surveillance cameras.
The application works fine and without interruptions or errors on computers that have .Net Framework installed.

Eguasoft Handball Scoreboard

File size: 10.3 MB

International sports are played in large spaces with supporters being able to view the action in real time. However, they also need to know what's going on in the game, with panels and indicators taking care of this issue. For smaller environments, Eguasoft Handball Scoreboard does exactly what the name suggest, with enhanced possibilities if using a large monitor or projector.