Inletaudio Cello Foundations KONTAKT
Free Download Inletaudio Cello Foundations KONTAKT | 8.38 GB
Step into a realm of sonic innovation with "Cello Foundations" a groundbreaking departure from traditional cello sample libraries. Crafted in collaboration with Isobelle Austin, this unique collection pushes the boundaries of what the cello can achieve.

Emergence Audio Quantum v2.3.0 KONTAKT
Free Download Emergence Audio Quantum v2.3.0 KONTAKT | 7.39 GB
Quantum creates the feeling of infinitely changing sonic expression and motion. Sculpt ambient beds and standout moments filled with unmatched character and depth. During Quantum's creation there was a conscious intention to perform each note sampled slightly differently than the last over an insanely long period of time with each sound source, this gives an evolutionary cycle that will never repeat the same way.

Audio Brewers The Upright Complete v6.1 Stereo Version KONTAKT
Free Download Audio Brewers The Upright Complete v6.1 Stereo Version KONTAKT | 12.7 GB
Featuring a beautiful upright piano from the late eighties, 'The Upright' is the first virtual instrument ever to be recorded, mixed, and delivered fully in Ambisonics, allowing you to have control over how you want your listeners to feel the message you're delivering with your music.

8Dio Century Harps KONTAKT
Free Download 8Dio Century Harps KONTAKT | 28 GB
8Dio Century Harps contains two separate concert harps, each chosen carefully to represent a different facet in the realm of harp tones.  Harp 1 is a bright, bold and shimmering Venus Concert Harp.  The instrument can sound delicate, but it also has vibrant highs which can cut through and soar in your orchestral compositions.