Dread Nautical 1.1.0 (macOS)

Dread Nautical 1.1.0

Genre: RPG
Publisher: ZEN Studios
Language: English
File Size: 1.11 gb

A tactical turn-based RPG with rogue-like elements, Dread Nautical combines immersive gameplay with a cartoonish — yet captivatingly eerie — tone. Supernatural forces have overwhelmed the ship with mysterious malevolent monstrosities, and you’ll need to seek out other survivors, track down food and other resources, and manage your safe haven for any hope of escaping this “vacation” alive.

Choose Your Survivor — and Gather More: After you’ve chosen to play as one of four unique characters, you’ll traverse 20 decks of the ship and encounter 13 other colourful — and playable — survivors. You’ll cross paths with a Scottish captain, the ship’s surly mechanic, a Hollywood has-been, a prehistoric woman misplaced in time, and more. But watch what you say — your words affect their willingness to fight beside you. And you’ll want them there, too, as all survivors boast exclusive special abilities, and most have their own specific side quests. At the same time, panic will overtake overused survivors, rendering them less effective.
Plan Your Attack: With yourself and up to two survivors fighting side by side at once, you’ll need to strategise the most ideal path to victory against zombie-like Thralls, bile-spewing Spitters, horrific bosses, and many more. You’ll need to think several steps ahead, plotting the optimal use of each character’s action points. And watch your use of weapons, bandages, and other items — they deteriorate, and your resources are very limited.
Upgrade Yourself, Your Items and Your Surroundings: Through exploration and success in combat encounters, use any scraps and mystic runes you find to upgrade items and your own stats and abilities, respectively. In order to do so, you’ll also need to enhance your crafting station and mysterious book of the occult, also with scraps. And don’t forget to build some beds — if you don’t, then you can’t recruit new survivors without kicking others to the curb.
Search, Search and Search Some More: You and your survivors need to eat, so scour every inch of the ship for food. And while you’re at it, pick up any weapons, armour and items you find — you’re gonna need ‘em. Don’t be afraid to leave some things behind, though, as characters have storage limitations. And don’t spend too much time exploring one area — enemy hordes may overwhelm your location!
Endless Variation: Each deck of the ship is randomly generated, ensuring unlimited replayability and new places to search. As the game progresses, even the easier lower decks increase in difficulty, should you choose to return.

Other Features
Distinctive art direction that mixes low-polygon assets with art deco design and modern rendering effects, perfectly straddling the line between cartoon and horror
More than 150 weapons to master
More than 30 enemy types to defeat
Fully voiced cast of nearly 20 characters
Choose your difficulty: NORMAL for new players, HARD for veterans of the genre or INSANE for a nearly impossible challenge

Requires macOS 10.15 or later

The Adventure Pals 2 (21958) (macOS)

The Adventure Pals

Genre: Action - Adventure - Fantasy
Publisher: Armor Games Studios
Language: English
File Size: 376 mb

The Adventure Pals is an action-packed platformer about friendship, exploration, and riding your giraffe. Mr. B is kidnapping old people and turning them into hot dogs! It's up to you and your best buddies to save the day. You'll leap, slash, and blast your way through increasingly madcap levels filled with traps, weird and wild enemies, treasure, and more. Along the way, you'll help a whale regain confidence, take a side in the battle between toast and dinosaur, travel to a legendary sunken city and decide the fate of a Pirate election. Explore the world on the back of your giraffe. Your travels take you across a huge land filled with zombie pirate cats, post-apocalyptic dinosaurs and hotdogs that poop explosive mines. Explore the mystical forests of Treevale, hike the haunted craters of the moon and dive into the depths of the ocean to find the lost city of Crablantis.

Inspired by classic platformers and cartoons alike, The Adventure Pals combines hilarious characters with rip-roaring platforming and combat. Level up to learn special abilities, throw bombs and whack things with your sword. Find cupcakes to unlock costumes and fill your scrap book up with secret stickers. The game is a mixture of lovingly handcrafted platformer levels, combat focused arenas and RPG-like locations with townsfolk who provide quests, items and other goodies for you to buy to aid you on your journey. Just like your favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich, The Adventure pals is both nutty and sweet,with perhaps just a little crunch. It is lighthearted, goofy fun no matter what your age.

Game Features
Explore five distinct worlds, all with their own unique characters and quests.
Level up by defeating baddies to improve your health, stabbin', or rock-smashin'.
Gameplay that's easy to pick up, but ramps up the challenge as you go.
A fun and funny story with a bizarre but lovable cast and hilarious cartoon cutscenes.
Battle such dazzling, creative bosses as vegetables, breakfast, a tree, and more!
Play by yourself, or with a bestie in co-op mode.
Three words: Giraffe. Helicopter. Tongue.

Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later




Accident [FitGirl Repack]

Accident [FitGirl Repack] | Size :4.46 GB
Game Title :Accident
Date Release:21 Sep, 2021
Developer :Duality Games, Glob Games Studio
Editor : Duality Games
Genre : :Indie, Simulation
Language :English, French, German, Spanish - Spain, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Turkish

Shopping Clutter 11: Magical Garden {v.Final}

Shopping Clutter 11: Magical Garden
The Zveroville School Theater enjoys great success and love of both students and spectators. Therefore, Uncle Indyuk, as director, decided to continue working in the direction of the creative development of children and to equip a special playground for primary school students in the park near the school, where lessons will be held in the open air in a fabulous setting. Uncle Turkey wants this to be a suitable place not only for learning, but at the same time for play and entertainment for the little ones. He turned to the Walkers for help, and they can't do without you!

Adventure Mosaics 4: Moto-Trip [FINAL] 2021

Adventure Mosaics 4: Moto-Trip [FINAL]|105 mb
Adventure Mosaics - Moto-Trip embarks on an exhilarating journey across Europe! Join Jake and Zoran on their adventure and get lost in the beauty of the world around you. Challenge yourself with 150 Japanese color crosswords with multiple difficulty levels, while enjoying an alluring summer story.

Join Jake and Zoran on their exciting journey!
Play 150 memorable levels and reveal hidden drawings.
Enjoy spectacular effects and bright summer colors.
Challenge yourself by using logical and abstract thinking!