City Legends 2: Trapped in Mirror Collector's Edition {v.Final}

City Legends 2: Trapped in Mirror
Collector's Edition

When your book about an Order of evil witches becomes a bestseller, a major publisher takes notice! But they'll want a draft of your next horror novel before cutting you a check. So, you're off to Pennsylvania to write about Bloody Mary! Luckily for you, a local museum has a unique exhibit featuring Mary's mirror. But your research trip quickly takes a dark turn when the legend turns out to be more than fiction! Can you traverse both the mortal and ghostly realms to stop Mary before it’s too late? Find out in this chilling Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!

• Solve a missing person's case and meet the mysterious La Llorona in the Bonus Chapter!
• Replay your favourite HOPs and mini-games!
• Find more collectibles and morphing objects!
• Enjoy exclusive music and wallpaper!
• Never get lost with the Strategy Guide!

First Time in Rome Collector's Edition {v.Final}

First Time in Rome
Collector's Edition

First Time In Rome Collector's Edition embarks on an incredible adventure in Rome! When a job takes Kate and her daughter to Rome, the pair must work harder than ever to discover what truly makes this historic city so beautiful. Explore intricately designed locations, find tons of breathtaking hidden items and discover the beauty of Rome in First Time In Rome Collector's Edition!

• Discover the allure of Rome across 20 exhilarating chapters!
• Enjoy tons of minigames and unlock achievements.
• Help Nicole's new friend in the Bonus Chapters.
• Join Kate to make Bellissima Roma great again!

Detective Agency: Grey Tie Collector's Edition {v.Final-Updated}

Detective Agency: Grey Tie
Collector's Edition

Enjoy the first game in the New Grey Tie Detective Agency series. This thrilling game is jam-packed with breathtaking settings, unique and interesting methods to find stuff, and new mini-games. In this mystery detective story, you will assist detectives in locating and solving a stolen figurine. Amanda and her aide, both professional detectives, take on the case. Gino Grasso, the collector, will show you where the daring crime was performed, and you will travel to Amsterdam to apprehend the robber. The inquiry will take you to a number of perilous locations. You'll be chasing the robber with the cops and getting great results. The castle ruins and numerous secret artifacts await you. The chemical laboratory will aid in the discovery of the heist's secret and the capture of the robber. However, once Amanda gets to the point, things will take a dramatic change!

• 8 extra locations with even more things to find!
• 8 more mini-games to complete!
• Downloadable wallpapers!
• Listen to soundtracks!
• Add the exclusive achievement your storage!
This is a new version in which the default language is English.

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