Unleash The Doer Revolution Within You
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Understand what wealth really means to you
How to intensify your desires, dreams, and goals
3 ages of human beings and that the most precious thing you must protect in life is the value of
Tools of wisdom, powerful ingredients and rules to create movement and become a prosperous Doer
Overcome a scarcity mindset and recondition to prosperity using the 7 Wealth Stages framework
See your life as a one-unit spread across eight areas of Holistic Wealth

You must be focused on yourself to fulfill your dreams and not just work for someone who is goal-oriented
You must challenge yourself and commit to building self-esteem with courage
You must analyze and assess who you really are because when you spend getting to know yourself, you acquire an authentic growth mindset
You must be willing to unleash your Doer Revolution within you
You must get serious about change, keep searching and start growing!

Public Speaking - Delivering A Message They Will Remember
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Become a confident and successful public speaker

What you'll learn
You will learn how to develop good speech habits
You will learn the importance of intonation and tone and how to develop yours
Speaking clearly is possibly the most important aspect of developing a good speaking voice.

Learn To Speak Confidently In Public In Any Situation
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Develop simple yet effective tips and techniques that will aid you to become more confident when speaking in public

What you'll learn
I will teach you how to deliver a message they will remember
I will teach you how to prepare for a speech and why that is so important
You will learn what to do when things don't go according to plan
You will learn how to deal with a heckler in the odd chance you may encounter one
I will teach you how to use stories to get your point across and keep your audience engaged
And you will gain a better understanding of the importance of showing confidence and how to do that when you really don't feel confident at all
This is a "skills" type course.

Examine Team Building And How To Create Your Successful Team
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This course will open your eyes to fundamental principles of teamwork you haven't considered

What you'll learn
You will learn the secrets behind successful teams
You will discover how to have the same successes in your own teams
We will closely examine team building
And you will learn why team building is one of the ways to get a team working together successfully
The course includes several exercises where you will learn how to communicate correctly, how to develop trust in your team, and how to make decisions quickly
We tackle the issues surrounding varies personalities and how to get them working on the same page
You will even learn how to analyze your successes and failures
The only requirement is an open mind about learning new ways to tackle old problems.

Build A Todolist Fast With Laravel, Php And Svelte
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Learn to build a Full Stack Laravel and Svelte Application in No

What you'll learn
The student will learn the basics of RESTful API development with Laravel
How to create a Full Stack Todo List Application
Learn how to use the Eloquent ORM
Learn to consume JSON with Svelte
Understand Basic PHP
If you're tired of long courses and just want to learn basic web development this course is for you.