Channel 4 - Kathy Burke Growing Up (2023)

Channel 4 - Kathy Burke: Growing Up (2023)
English | Documentary | Size: 1.56 GB

Kathy Burke explores what getting old means to us and the new freedoms that young people of today have, as she asks; should we fight or accept old age, and what is it like growing up nowadays?

Chapter 1: Old
Kathy contemplates if she should fight or accept old age and asks if it's easier or harder to be young in today's world by speaking to some ordinary people with extraordinary lives. In the first of this two-part special, Kathy examines getting older and how she feels about what is to come in later life, she learns from 85 year-old model Bridget and a 70 year-old dominatrix that raging against the realities that come with old age might be the secret to aging disgracefully and with dignity. Featuring contributions from Bill Bailey and Jennifer Saunders.

Chapter 2: Young
Kathy contemplates getting older and explores the lives and experiences of the old and the young, wondering whether people should fight or accept old age. In the second of two programmes, Kathy examines being young and looks back on her much-loved youth when she was carefree and confident. Contributors include her showbiz pals Jennifer Saunders, Bill Bailey, Charlotte Church and TikTok sensation Francis Bourgeois.

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