Outdoor Engagement "Love Story" portrait Secrets
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Photographing people in love has been a passion of mine since getting started in the business of photography. The Outdoor Engagement "Love Story" Portrait is my favorite portrait session and can also be a lucrative part of your business. The same principals also apply to doing "Lifestyle" portraits.  This course covers my approach to documenting this important part of their lives. While too many photographers think of an Engagement Portrait as a single portrait from a session, I think of it as a "Love Story". It is a story of romance at a special time and needs to be told in a storybook fashion.  This course reveals the techniques that I used in the many years of my photography career. I would like to share these techniques with you, so that you may be able to not only enjoy the passion of photography but also earn a good income as you do something you truly love.  If photographing people is your passion, this style of portraiture can be a huge market for you. Not only does this course cover the photography aspects that helps you build the foundation for creating beautiful portraits but also includes a "Bonus Section" on how you can properly sell your portraits.

Procreate Brushes For Digital Drawing – Mix Traditional Pencil Drawing With The Power Of Procreate
Free Download Procreate Brushes For Digital Drawing – Mix Traditional Pencil Drawing With The Power Of Procreate
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Are you already using Procreate but miss the traditional feel to it? Or would you love to practice traditional pencil drawing but with all the benefits Procreate offers? Well, then this is the class for you!