Pop Art 8 [FINAL]

Pop Art 8 [FINAL] |99 mb
It has never been fun and easier to paint with Pop Art 8. No need to stress over color choices. Enjoy and unwind! Select from incredible images, then follow the numbers to breathe life into them.

- Explore 64 captivating images
- Indulge in hours of enjoyable relaxation!


Art By Numbers 48 [FINAL]

Art By Numbers 48 [FINAL] |203.5 mb
Art By Numbers 48 is more than just a painting game. It's a universe full of vibrant hues, stunning forms, and wonderful artwork. For the time being, your passion will be the only thing that sets you apart as a creator! Choose your color, figure out how much you'll need, and then brightly paint the entire image. Create outstanding art if you want to be a successful artist!

- 72 beautiful pieces of art.
- Use the pointed brush to stipple color on the canvas.
- Alternate between flat and textured hues.
- The 'free coloring' option allows you to color the image with whatever color you like.
- Let joy and excitement burst!


Just Puzzles 4: Inner Universe [FINAL]

Just Puzzles 4: Inner Universe [FINAL] |457 mb
Dive into your imagination with a puzzle game that will take you on an extraordinary journey within your mind. Get ready to unlock the secrets of your inner universe through a captivating blend of brain-teasing challenges, stunning visuals, and a mesmerizing soundtrack. From intricate mazes to mind-bending riddles, every level is a unique voyage of discovery!

Over 180 mind-bending HD images!
Save any puzzle as wallpaper for your desktop!
Complete puzzles to the dreamlike tones of a relaxing soundtrack!


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