TIMBER: The Mountain Man's Babies - Frankie Love

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TIMBER: The Mountain Man's Babies - Frankie Love

epub | 8.38 MB | English | | Author: Frankie Love | Year: 2021

About ebook: TIMBER: The Mountain Man's Babies

I've been called wild. Dirty. Untamed.
I moved to the woods to get away from the bullsh*t of the city. People there don't understand a man like me.
I work hard, and my hands are as calloused as my heart.
And nothing's gonna change that.

Then I meet Harper.
A storm brought her to my doorstep, and soon enough I take her in my arms.
And on the floor. And on the table. And in the great outdoors.

But this girl keeps running.
She says she has a problem that a wild man like me can't fix.
But she's wrong—I can be everything she needs.
I just have to prove that to her.

Dear Reader,

TIMBER features an untamed man who takes a virgin. Please don't read if you're not ready for hot sex that will make you reach for that vibrator hidden under your pillow. If the batteries are out, your own hand will do.
No shame, babycakes. Enjoy this steamy story! You deserve it.

xo, frankie

Category:Romance, Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Other Romance Categories, Westerns, Contemporary Romance - General, Romance - New Adult, Western - Mountain Men, Trackers, Hunters, and Trappers

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