AI iQ for a Human-Focused Future: Strategy, Talent, and Culture

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AI iQ for a Human-Focused Future: Strategy, Talent, and Culture
AI iQ for a Human-Focused Future: Strategy, Talent, and Culture

English | 2024 | ISBN: 103278203X | 265 pages | True PDF | 10.17 MB

AI iQ for a Human-Focused Future: Strategy, Talent, andCulture offers a pioneering approach to integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GenAI) in business, emphasizing a business strategy first mindset over a technology-centric one.
The book challenges the usual hype surrounding AI, advocating for a more realistic perspective. It delves into the evolution of AI, from traditional data science and machine learning to GenAI, all through the lens of strategic business application. Unlike other texts, it moves away from case studies, favoring practical, real-world advice from extensive field experience. The book presents strategies for creating an environment that not only accepts but thrives on AI, focusing on strategic leadership, talent development, and inclusivity. It highlights crucial roles, such as the Chief AI Officer, and emphasizes the importance of diversity in AI teams.

Uniquely, each chapter concludes with key takeaways, offering actionable steps and implementation tips. This practical approach transforms theoretical concepts into actionable business strategies, providing leaders with the tools to apply AI initiatives effectively in their organizations.

This book is more than an informative resource; it's a practical toolkit for any business leader aiming to navigate the evolving landscape of AI and GenAI, ensuring their organization is prepared for sustainable growth and success in an AI-driven future.

Dr. Seth Dobrin is a renowned artificial intelligence (AI) and data science leader known for his transformative work. At Monsanto, he revolutionized agriculture by integrating AI to enhance farming through precision agriculture. As IBM's first Global Chief AI Officer, he led the IBM Data Science Elite Team, driving ethical AI development and diversity across multiple projects. His leadership was instrumental in IBM's AI and data transformation.

He continued his journey by founding Qantm AI, championing a human-focused approach centered on ethical AI in business. His work at Qantm AI guides Fortune 500 companies and Private Equity firms in developing responsible AI strategies. A strong advocate for diversity and against technological colonialism, he supports organizations like WLDA and Wonder Women Tech. His multidisciplinary expertise, combining molecular and cellular biology with industry experience, sets AI leadership benchmarks, shaping its future to be responsible, ethical, and inclusive.

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