Duck Life 9 The Flock-tenoke

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Duck Life 9 The Flock-tenoke
Release Name: Duck.Life.9.The.Flock-TENOKE
Size: 674.2 MB
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Racing, Simulation, Sports
Developer: Wix Games
Publisher: MoFunZone Inc.


Release Description:

Becoming the champion won't be easy, though, as this is hardly a simple matter of training alone. Feed and clothe your ducks to help boost their stats, and then race every challenger you can find! The island itself is filled with many tricky tasks to overcome, and without fully exploring each of the 9 areas that surround your humble settlement, you won't stand a chance against the mysterious challenger that looms atop the volcano...

Duck Life 9 The Flock-tenoke

Filling your flock with a rich mix of feathered friends will help to strengthen the overall group. It's going to be a team effort if you want to topple the competition! Use your best swimmers for the swimming leg of the race, and your best climbers for the mountainous peaks. You're only as good as your worst player, so remember to treat all of your ducks with care, and you'll surely see the fruits of your efforts blossom into a truly remarkable team of ducks!

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