Emperor of the Fading Suns Enhanced 1997 Build 1.51

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Emperor of the Fading Suns Enhanced 1997 Build 1.51
Emperor of the Fading Suns Enhanced 1997 Build 1.51 | 1.01 GB
Game release date : February 28, 1997
Genre : Strategy, 4X
Developer : Holistic Design, Inc.
Publisher : Holistic Design, Inc.
Platform : Windows
Publication type : License
Release : GOG
Version : 1.51
Interface language : English
Voice language : English
Tablet : not required (DRM-Free)

Known for its deep gameplay and unparalleled setting, this classic 4X strategy game allows one to five players to battle on land, air, sea and space, battling each other and artificial intelligence for control of humanity. Trade, build and engage in diplomacy with the Church, Trade League and alien races.

More details
This classic 4X strategy game has survived for more than 25 years thanks to the devotion of dedicated fans and modders. Now you too can enjoy Emperor of the Fading Suns, renowned for its deep game play and unparalleled setting. First released in 1997, this is the Enhanced version of the game released on its 25th anniversary with significant upgrades and improvements.
Battle on land, air, sea and space as you fight for control of humanity's known worlds as one of five Royal Houses.
Utilize combined arms tactics to overcome enemy positions.
Use a robust diplomacy engine to trade technologies, political offices, threats, favors and even votes for the imperial crown.
Enjoy a powerful economic engine that allows you to trade any of the dozens of resources you develop.
Avoid the machinations of the Church and the anger of powerful alien races.
Recruit legions of theurigists, psychics, mutants, warbeasts and more.
Modders have been enjoying this game for years, and this build ships with everything you need to create your own star-spanning maps and campaigns.

Installation procedure:
Run and follow installation instructions

System requirements:
√ Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® 7+;
√ Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster;
√ RAM: 2 GB;
√ Video card: DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver;
√ Free hard disk space: 700 MB;


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