Liptrip My Boss Is My Heat Suppressant-tenoke

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Liptrip My Boss Is My Heat Suppressant-tenoke
Release Name: LipTrip.My.Boss.Is.My.Heat.Suppressant-TENOKE
Size: 1.8 GB
Genre: Adventure
Developer: SukeraSomero
Publisher: HUBLOTS, LoveStoryProject


Release Description:

A boss x employee Omegaverse yuri romance where the physical comes before the emotional In the Omegaverse, everyone is born into one of three secondary genders: Alpha (α), Beta (β), or Omega (Ω). The majority of the population are Betas, while Alphas sit at the apex of society with their superior looks and abilities. Meanwhile, Omegas have a special characteristic: they periodically go into heat, at which time they become irresistible to Alphas.

Liptrip My Boss Is My Heat Suppressant-tenoke

The moment Rino hears her boss's voice, she suddenly goes into an off-cycle heat!
Chizu respects the fact that Rino doesn't want to quit her job just because of her natural urges as an Omega and makes a decision to help her.

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