The Mildew Children-razor1911

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The Mildew Children-razor1911
Release Name: The_Mildew_Children-Razor1911
Size: 415.4 MB
Genre: Adventure
Developer: The Growing Stones
Publisher: Valkyrie Initiative


Release Description:

Featuring a blend of 2D adventure and visual novel, The Mildew Children is a grim tale about a village inhabited only by children who follow savage pagan traditions. A young witch named Kyrphel and her sisters are bound to perform a macabre Ritual in order to save their village. A witch's demise during the ritual is not unusual, since not all can triumph over the Mistress of Death. But Kyrphel is strong enough to handle it. Or so she thought.

Combining the elements of fairy tale and horror, the story draws on pagan folklore and ancient beliefs. Accompany Kyrphel and her friends in this grim, beautifully hand-drawn adventure game. Take part in the Ritual and discover the secret of the village, interact with peculiar villagers, bewitch, and overcome the affliction that haunts the young sorceress.

The Mildew Children-razor1911

- A mysterious tale that spans across 12 chapters
- Over 8 hours of narrative and gameplay combining investigations, puzzles, quick-time events (QTE) and multiple-choice dialogues.
- More than 30 unique locations: the village streets, the tangled paths of the forest thicket, the burial ground, as well as unique interiors - from old battered huts to magnificent chambers.
- A series of tough decisions that will force you to think twice about how you proceed - will you go against ancient traditions or follow them to the end?
- 10 characters with a detailed personality and story, 100+ of unique portraits reflecting the characters' emotions during dialogues. Numerous side characters Kyrphel would have to interact with in order to fulfill her goals.

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