Village Dealer Simulator-tenoke

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Village Dealer Simulator-tenoke
Release Name: Village.Dealer.Simulator-TENOKE
Size: 1007.5 MB
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Leanforsa
Publisher: Leanforsa


Release Description:

Embark on a captivating journey within the heart of a rural town and become the role of a dealer navigating scenic landscapes. Guide your trusty truck through the road, connecting with local sellers ranging from farmers and ranchers.

In this trading simulation, your mission is clear: negotiate with sellers to secure the best prices for a diverse array of goods. As you traverse the town, strategic decision-making becomes crucial. Manage your truck's limited inventory space and select the most profitable combination of items to maximize your earnings. Alternatively, invest your hard-earned profits to upgrade your truck and unlocking the potential to transport an even wider array of goods.

Village Dealer Simulator-tenoke

The game combines exploration with commerce, challenging you to make thoughtful choices throughout your journey. Each trade transforms into a puzzle, where balancing potential profits against your truck's capacity becomes a skill to hone. The scenic landscapes serve not only as a backdrop but also as an integral part of the intricate trading experience, inviting you to find the best route around the town.

Explore, negotiate, and cultivate success, unraveling stories in this captivating town. Immerse yourself in Village Dealer Simulator, craft your unique journey, and aspire to become the ultimate dealer!

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