The Stalked-tenoke

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The Stalked-tenoke
Release Name: The.Stalked-TENOKE
Size: 2.6 GB
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Korvinrular
Publisher: Korvinrular


Release Description:

"The Stalked" is an extremely linear game that immerses players in Kate's disturbing journey. With an average completion time of 40-50 minutes, players follow Kate's fate as she navigates through a chilling tale of survival.StoryYou play as Kate, who has recently broken up with her obsessive boyfriend, Liam. However, Liam isn't willing to let her go so easily. After numerous struggles, Kate manages to escape and calls her grandpa for help. Fortunately, he offers her refuge in his mansion. You might think that's the end of the story, but it's only the beginning. Strange and creepy occurrences unfold around the mansion, making Kate question if Liam has found her, or if there's someone else involved. What do these mysterious letters mean, and will she ever find peace?Key FeaturesFear-Inducing Atmosphere.

  • Step into a fear-inducing atmosphere where you'll find yourself carefully checking every corner, knowing danger could lurk anywhere.

Experience a Relentless Pursuit.
  • The stalker(s?) will make sure you never feel safe.

Interact With NPCs.
  • Connect with the game's world through interactions—call, text, and engage in one-on-one conversations with NPCs.

Multiple Creepy Environments To Explore.
  • Embark on a journey through chilling environments, from an eerie apartment to a mysterious mansion and an unsettling convenience store.

For The Demo PlayersThe average time to complete the demo is 15-20 minutes, and you can find all the controls in the settings.

The Stalked-tenoke

Warning: This game contains intense and disturbing content, including scenes of stalking and psychological horror. Player discretion is advised. Not suitable for individuals sensitive to themes of fear, anxiety, or graphic imagery. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.



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