Irotoridori No Sekai Hd The Colorful World-tenoke

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Irotoridori No Sekai Hd The Colorful World-tenoke
Release Name: Irotoridori.No.Sekai.HD.The.Colorful.World-TENOKE
Size: 3.8 GB
Genre: Casual
Developer: FAVORITE
Publisher: NekoNyan Ltd.


Release Description:

Our story follows Kanoue Yuuma, an amnesiac boy with a special power, and Nikaidou Shinku, a translucent girl only visible to Yuuma who gave him that power. With it, he can heal any and all wounds. But it comes at the cost of the memories he's made. He lives a simple life: going to school and being scolded by his childhood friend, Kisaragi Mio, by day, and working with his master, Natsume Suzu, in the evenings. However, whenever he falls asleep, he always sees the same dream... a white world, feathers falling, and a girl calling out for him to save her.
The student dormitory his master resides in has a special door in the basement, which connects their world to a myriad of different parallel ones. He travels from world to world, searching for one that resembles the scenery he sees in his dreams, but to no avail.

Irotoridori No Sekai Hd The Colorful World-tenoke

A new resident at the dorm who always seems to be running to and fro, busy as a bee.
She's a grade below Yuuma at school, and to pay for her tuition and living expenses, she works until late at night at the local bathhouse. She's honest to a fault and hard-working, but also very stubborn. Once something gets into her head, it can be hard to convince her otherwise. She also has a habit of tripping over nothing, although that isn't to say she's clumsy in general.
She can handle household chores with ease and excels in particular at doing menial tasks.
"The local baker man is a god incarnate!"



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