Escape From Boykisser-tenoke

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Escape From Boykisser-tenoke
Size: 1.8 GB
Genre: Adventure
Developer: akhsotoen
Publisher: akhsotoen


Release Description:

ESCAPE FROM BOYKISSER is a psychological horror game that takes you to the sterile spaces of the BACKROOMS, where each level represents a new challenge in your escape.

The first level of sterile spaces is a kind of maze, where various objects of the environment appear every now and then. Your task is to find a way to get out of this maze using various objects of the environment. Also, a certain creature called BOYKISSER wanders through the maze, which already knows about your presence.

Escape From Boykisser-tenoke

The second level is a straight corridor, which is also filled with various objects of the environment. After going through it, you will find that you have returned to its beginning again, but do not rush back! BOYKISSER has conceived a cunning game against you, and if you walk through a corridor in which something is out of place or has completely acquired a different shape, then nothing will save you from his embrace.

With each step you take, reality and illusions intertwine in the spaces of the BACKROOMS. You will have to use all your attentiveness and intuition to escape the embrace of BOYKISSER and find a way to freedom.

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