Kingdom Rush Vengeance: Hammerhold Campaign 2023

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Kingdom Rush Vengeance:  Hammerhold Campaign 2023

Kingdom Rush Vengeance: Hammerhold Campaign 910 mb
Hammerhold's in for a surprise.
They're bracing for a land attack from the Linirea’s border, but Vez'nan has other plans. He sends you with the mighty Dark Army fleet for a lightning assault.
You'll strike the desert shores, catching the Legionnaires off guard. Beware, brave heroes, will return, and they're not here for a cozy family gathering!

New thrilling stages and bosses
5 new stages: A whole new campaign packed with sand-tastic surprises. Each stage offers 3 different modes: Campaign, Heroic, and Iron. Disembark on the desert's shores, replenish at Sape Oasis, and explore ancient pyramids.
New enemies: The Legionnaires have recruited an eclectic and rather quirky force. Prepare to face assassins, war elephants, djinnis. And even... magic carpets?
Challenging Boss fights: Remember those heroes you thought were gone for good? They're back, and they're not here for a cozy family gathering.

The desert's fiercest join your ranks!

New hero: Behold Isfet, a formidable mummy warlock, wielding an arsenal of spells and curses. Just don't make any "wrapped up" jokes – he’s not in the mood for puns.
New tower: The Tremor Nest sandworms have an appetite as insatiable as a kid in a candy store. They'll gulp down anything in their path, be it friend or foe.
And of course…
New achievements: For you to savor the sweet taste of bragging rights that come with them!
Easter eggs galore: The desert may hold secrets, but it also has a sense of humor.
So, have you made up your mind, General?
Don’t keep the Dark Lord waiting too long, he’s known to get impatient!
Time to rule the whole kingdom once and for all!

Tenoke 1.1

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martine31 19-12-2023
19 December 2023 14:10
ohhhhh super! thank you! :D
ohhhhh super! thank you! :D

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MrFrost 19-12-2023
19 December 2023 20:30
Thanks ever so much! 😎
Thanks ever so much! 😎

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