Incredible Dracula 10: Dark Carnival Collector's Edition {Final-Updated}

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Incredible Dracula 10: Dark Carnival Collector's Edition {Final-Updated}

Incredible Dracula 10: Dark Carnival
Collector's Edition

Incredible Dracula: Dark Carnival takes you on a bewitching escapade. Elizabeth, wife to the infamous Dracula, falls victim to the trickery of the elusive magician, Bestby. Her fate is a pumpkin for a head, thanks to Bestby's whimsical curse. Now, Dracula faces the daunting task of reversing this enchantment. With Bestby’s rare awakenings marked by chaotic whims, he's set his sights on a grand Halloween feast this time around. Stepping into Dracula’s shoes, your mission is twofold: cater to Bestby's grandiose visions for a memorable Halloween and break the curse besetting Elizabeth. Juggling resource management and unexpected challenges, you'll orchestrate a carnival filled with the macabre delights of Halloween. With a labyrinth of locations to traverse and county inhabitants to meet, every tick of the clock adds pressure. As Elizabeth's pumpkin-headed predicament looms, your ability to appease Bestby becomes the beacon of hope in restoring her. Dive deep, craft the feast, and challenge the arcane in Incredible Dracula: Dark Carnival.

Awesome bonus chapter!
A downloadable soundtrack!
Dazzling desktop wallpapers!
Step-by-step game guide!
Lots of Collectibles to find!

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Streepje 17-10-2023
17 October 2023 08:48
thank you
thank you

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alipemil 13-11-2023
13 November 2023 22:08
Thank youuuuu!!!!😍😍
Thank youuuuu!!!!😍😍

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