Qualys Vulnerability Management, Cloud Agent & Was With Exam

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Qualys Vulnerability Management, Cloud Agent & Was With Exam
Published 5/2023
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In this course includes Qualys Vulnerability management, Cloud Agent, & Web Application scanning with Practicals
What you'll learn
In this course you'll learn Qualys Web application Scanning with Practicals
You'll Learn Qualys Cloud agent Deployments, Finetunning, Queries
Complete Qualys Vulnerability management and assessment
Launch scans, scheduled scans and Report Writing
this course helps you to understand vulnerability management and vulnerability assessment in organizations
Helps to understand threats, reports, and dashboards in qualys console
you'll learn initiate scans, on-demand scans, and scheduled scans in Qualys console
Understand deployment architecture of qualys console
You will learn everything from scratch and this course designed from enter level to advanced with practical explanations and labs
Hi Welcome to Qualys Vulnerability management, cloud agent and Web application Scanning practical course from siemhunters. you'll Learn a practical Qualys vulnerability management with real-time scenarios, Cloud Agent deployments fine-tunning and on-demand scans with VMDR (Vulnerability management and detections & Response) and web application scanning with launch, scheduled, and On-demand scans. This course designed by an Expert in Cyber security and SOC (areas of Threat Hunting, Forensics, and Incident Response) with over 8+ years of experience, in this course you will learn VMDR approach and deploy cloud agent, asset queries and fine-tunning. This course designed by Gopi Pakanati and Instructor Lohitha Mallampalli. In this course you'll learn qualys cloud agent deployments, MSI installers, Queries, Asset management, and fine-tunning in VMDR console. Who this course is for:This course is for anyone who wants to become an expert in Cybersecurity especially security analyst, soc analyst and cloud agent administrators. This volume covers the required foundation building blocks of that skillset.For anyone who easily gain a practical skillset in deployments, agent creations, de-install tasks, and finetunning. This course cover all major areas of cloud agent in VMDRTopics covered: 1. Web Application real-time scanning with practicals 2. Cloud agent Deployments, Fine-tune, and Queries3. Qualys Vulnerability management with practicals
Section 1: Qualys Web Application Scanning - Basic
Lecture 1 Qualys Web Application overview
Lecture 2 Qualys Knowledge base and search lists
Lecture 3 Basic Web application setup
Lecture 4 Scheduled Scans
Lecture 5 Web Application scans Sitemap
Lecture 6 Option profile
Lecture 7 Web Application knowledge base
Lecture 8 Tagging
Lecture 9 User management
Lecture 10 WAS site map
Lecture 11 WAS Search lists
Lecture 12 WAS Reporting
Section 2: Qualys Cloud Agent
Lecture 13 Qualys Cloud Agent Introduction
Lecture 14 Cloud Agent overview & OS support
Lecture 15 Agent Application support
Lecture 16 Cloud agent as Data collector
Lecture 17 Cloud Agent benefits
Lecture 18 Agent Platform Communication
Lecture 19 Large Cloud agent deployment
Lecture 20 Agent pre-installation checks
Lecture 21 Agent Deployment options
Lecture 22 Clone Detection
Lecture 23 Proxy Configuration
Lecture 24 Lab 1 - Cloud Agent deployment
Lecture 25 Lab 2 - Agent Installation Components
Lecture 26 Lab 3 - Command_Line Installations Windows
Lecture 27 Lab 4 - Command Line installations - MSI
Lecture 28 Lab 5 - Validate CA installation & Locate HOST ID
Lecture 29 Lab 6 - CA Log file & Troubleshoot
Lecture 30 Lab 7 - Asset Details & Queries
Lecture 31 Lab 8 - Windows Self-Protection feature
Lecture 32 Lab 9 - Configuration and Tunning the cloud agent
Lecture 33 Lab 10 - Scan-On-Demand VMDR
Lecture 34 Lab 11 - De-Install (Activate, De-activate, Uninstall Agents)
Section 3: Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM)
Lecture 35 Vulnerability Management Introduction
Lecture 36 Account & Application setup
Lecture 37 Qualys Knowledge Base
Lecture 38 Lab 1 - Account Setup & Application
Lecture 39 Knowledge base & Search Lists
Lecture 40 Lab 2 - Working with Knowledge base
Lecture 41 Lab 3 - Working with SeachLists
Lecture 42 Lab 4 - Working with Asset tags
Lecture 43 Lab 5 - Working with Asset Search
Lecture 44 Asset & Asset inventory
Lecture 45 Asset Groups
Lecture 46 Asset Tagging
Lecture 47 Using Asset tags
Lecture 48 Using Asset groups
Lecture 49 Lab 6 - Working with Asset groups
Lecture 50 Scan by Hostname
Lecture 51 Vulnerability Assessment
Lecture 52 Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment and Scanning
Lecture 53 VM Life cycle and Sensors
Lecture 54 Lab 7 - Working with Vulnerability Assessment
Lecture 55 Lab 8 - Authentication Records
Lecture 56 Lab 9 - Launch Scan
Lecture 57 Scan Configuration
Lecture 58 Scheduling Assessment Scans
Lecture 59 View Scan results
Lecture 60 Lab 10 - Scheduled Scans
Lecture 61 User management
Lecture 62 Lab 11 - Creating user account
Lecture 63 Vulnerabilities Remediation
Lecture 64 Lab 12 - Assign Vulnerability to User.
Lecture 65 Lab 13 - Ignore Vulnerabilities
Lecture 66 Lab 14 - Create Remediation Report
Lecture 67 Report overview
Lecture 68 Report Templates
Lecture 69 Lab 15 - Reporting
Lecture 70 Lab 16 - Scheduled Reports
Lecture 71 Lab 17 - Custom Report templates
Lecture 72 Bonus
Security architects,Cyber security Analyst,Soc team,Security Analyst,Administrators


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