Capturing His Heart - Regina Brownell

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Capturing His Heart - Regina Brownell

epub | 1.27 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 978-1504085205 | Author: Regina Brownell | Year: 2023


The author of The Two-Week Promise presents a funny, romantic tale of friendships, flirtations, and being true to who you are . . .
Back in high school, Millicent mercilessly teased her brother and his friends, especially Luke, for their nerdy devotion to Dungeons & Dragons. When she and Luke are reunited as adults, working together at his photography studio, she wants to make it up to him. After all, as a bisexual woman, she knows how it feels to struggle with being accepted.
When a client requests boudoir photos, Luke is so flustered that Millicent offers to pose for a practice session so he can calm his nerves. She books an appointment with the best hair and makeup stylist in town—who happens to be a girl Millicent kissed in high school, but was ultimately rejected by. Meanwhile, Luke has his own troubles with a resentful ex.
As old feelings are stirred up—and new feelings take Millicent by surprise—it becomes clear that...

Category:LGBTQ+ Romance, Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance


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