The Maraguay s Emergence A Sci - Bella Blair

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The Maraguay s Emergence  A Sci - Bella Blair

epub | 1.42 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09SVCG4ZF | Author: Bella Blair | Year: 2023


No matter where she runs to, I will always find her. Always!
Violet: Just my luck not only to be captured and held prisoner by my arch enemies, the Zylonians. No, my captor is also the most insufferable male I have ever met. That he is utterly gorgeous is utterly beside the point.
Eryx: I don't believe in fated mates or any of those legends, not until the most exasperating female I have ever laid eyes on becomes my prisoner—and escapes me. But if she thinks I will let her go this easily, she is sorely mistaken.

***Trigger warning, some scenes might be offensive to some readers*****

Category:Alien Invasion Science Fiction eBooks, First Contact Science Fiction, First Contact Science Fiction eBooks


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