ASP.NET Core in Action, Third Edition (MEAP v05)

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ASP.NET Core in Action, Third Edition (MEAP v05)
English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781633438620 | 407 pages | PDF,EPUB | 22.83 MB

Build professional-grade full-stack web applications using C# and ASP.NET Core.

In ASP.NET Core in Action, Third Edition you'll learn how to

Build minimal APIs for serving JSON to client-side applications
Create dynamic, server-side rendered applications using Razor Pages
User authentication and authorization
Store data using Entity Framework Core
Unit and integration tests for ASP.NET Core applications
Write custom middleware and components

Fully updated to ASP.NET Core 7.0! In ASP.NET Core in Action, Third Edition Microsoft MVP Andrew Lock teaches you how you can use your C# and .NET skills to build amazing cross-platform web applications. This revised bestseller reveals the latest .NET patterns, including minimal APIs and minimal hosting. Even if you've never worked with ASP.NET, you'll start creating productive cross-platform web apps fast.

about the technology
Developers love ASP.NET Core for its libraries and pre-built components that maximize productivity. This awesome web framework empowers you to build web applications using HTTP APIs, server-side rendered HTML, and long-running server processes all using the same familiar structure and components. Version 7.0 takes full advantage of new C# features, easy-to-build minimal APIs, and big performance upgrades.

about the book
ASP.NET Core in Action, Third Edition is a comprehensive guide to creating web applications with ASP.NET Core 7.0. You'll quickly progress from HTTP concepts to advanced framework customization. Illustrations and annotated code make learning visual and easy, while hands-on examples demonstrate logins, dependency injection, security, and more. This updated edition covers the latest features and new paradigms of ASP.NET Core 7, such as minimal APIs and minimal hosting.




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