Secrets To Learning To Braid Hair - Professional Braiding

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Secrets To Learning To Braid Hair - Professional Braiding
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This course will help you master braiding for hairstyles & updos!

An absolute necessity for hairdressers!

What you'll learn
Braiding Hair From Absolute Bner Braids to Advanced Braids
Rope braids, Fishtails, French Braids, Dutch Braid, 4-Strand, 5-strand, Infinity Braids, Pull through braids and more!
This course was designed for people who want to master their braiding techniques for use in styling and updos.
This course is intended to teach someone how to do braids on others, NOT on themselves.
This course is designed for cosmetology students or hairstylists that are looking to expand their braiding skills. We created this course as a way to incorporate braids into your styles and help you create updos with more style and texture. Understanding braiding will not only make your updos look more stylish but they will also make them faster. More and more clients are asking for braided techniques to be incorporated into their special event updos, and if you don't know how to braid you will be stuck doing 90's style updos that are outdated. This course will teach you everything you need to know about the fundamental techniques of braiding including all basic braids, how to deconstruct them into trendy boho braids and the essentials of braid placement. You will learnRope BraidsFishtail braids Reverse Fishtails BraidsClassic 3-Strand BraidsDutch Braids4 -Strand Braids5-Stand BraidsFaux BraidsPull Through Braidsand Topsy TailsThere are over 7.5 hours of content in this course with detailed instructional videos on how to do each braid.Once you are done with this course you will be ready to start incorporating these techniques in your updos and be able to charge more and do them in half the !Enroll today and level up your braiding skills.


Section 1: Introduction - & BRAIDING BASICS


Lecture 2 Meet Your Instructor

Lecture 3 Why You Should Master Braiding

Lecture 4 Products for Braiding - Creating "Grit" and Texture

Lecture 5 Your Braid Will Follow Where You Stand

Lecture 6 Deconstructing Your Braids

Lecture 7 Handling Frizz - Refining Your Braids

Section 2: Rope Braid Variations

Lecture 8 Learning The Rope Braid For Absolute Bners - In Ponytail

Lecture 9 The Rope Braid - Crossing Right

Lecture 10 The Rope Braid - Crossing Left

Lecture 11 Tight Rope Braid Versus Relaxed - Pros & Cons

Lecture 12 The Rope Braid - Deconstructed (Pulled apart)

Lecture 13 French Rope Braid

Lecture 14 French Rope Braid - Single Side Right

Lecture 15 French Rope Braid - Single Side Left

Lecture 16 Relaxed Twist Braid Right

Lecture 17 Relaxed Twist Braid Left

Section 3: Classic Braids & French Braids

Lecture 18 Classic 3-Strand Braid for Absolute Bners

Lecture 19 Flat Wrap 3-Strand Braid

Lecture 20 Classic 3-Strand Braid

Lecture 21 The Classic 3-Strand Braid - Deconstructed (Pulled-Apart)

Lecture 22 Tight Braids Versus Relaxed Braid - Pros and Cons

Lecture 23 Classic French Braid - Tight & Relaxed

Lecture 24 French Braid Pigtails

Lecture 25 Single Sided French Braids

Lecture 26 Reverse Braid for Absolute Bners - In Ponytail

Lecture 27 The Reverse 3-Strand Braid - How To Make It Looks Good as A Single Braid

Lecture 28 The Reverse 3-Strand Braid - Deconstructed (Pulled-Apart)

Lecture 29 Dutch Braid

Lecture 30 Dutch Braid- Deconstructed (Pulled-Apart)

Lecture 31 Single Sided Dutch Braid

Section 4: Fish Tail Variations

Lecture 32 Learning The Fishtail Braid For Absolute Bners - In Ponytail

Lecture 33 Fishtail Variations & Tips

Lecture 34 Classic Fishtail Braid

Lecture 35 Classic Fishtail - Deconstructed (Pulled-Apart)

Lecture 36 French Fishtail Braid

Lecture 37 One-Sided Fishtail Braid

Lecture 38 Learning The Reverse Fishtail Braid For Absolute Bners - In Ponytail

Lecture 39 Reverse Fishtail - Deconstructed (Pulled-Apart)

Lecture 40 French Reverse Fishtail Braid

Lecture 41 One-Sided Reverse Fishtail

Section 5: 4-Strand Braid

Lecture 42 4-Strand Braid for Absolute Bners - In Ponytail

Lecture 43 4-Strand Braid - With Topsy Tail

Lecture 44 4-Strand Braid - Deconstructed (Pulled apart)

Lecture 45 3D 4-Strand Braid for Absolute Bners - In Ponytail

Lecture 46 3D 4-Strand Braid - Hair Down & With Topsy Tail

Lecture 47 3D 4-Strand Braid - Deconstructed (Pulled apart)

Section 6: 5 Strand Braid

Lecture 48 5-Strand Braid for Absolute Bners - In Ponytail

Lecture 49 5-Strand Braid - Hair Down

Lecture 50 5-Strand Braid - Deconstructed (Pulled apart)

Section 7: Waterfall Braid

Lecture 51 Waterfall Braid Variation

Section 8: Topsy Tail Variations

Lecture 52 Topsy Tail - For Absolute Bners

Lecture 53 Topsy Tail Braid - Faux Fish Tail

Lecture 54 Topsy Tail Braid - Mermaid Braid

Lecture 55 Topsy Tail - Boho Faux Braid

Section 9: The Infinity Braid

Lecture 56 Learning The Infinity Braid For Absolute Bners - In Ponytail

Section 10: Helpful Braiding Tips

Lecture 57 Part Lines - Straight vs. Zig-zag

Lecture 58 Sectioning In a French Braid - Creating Different Looks With Sectioning

Lecture 59 Quick & Clean Elastic Tips

Lecture 60 Hiding Elastics - With U-Pin

Lecture 61 Refining The Braid

Section 11: Deconstructing Basics & Refining Braids

Lecture 62 How To Tie off Ends To Prepare For Deconstructing

Lecture 63 Creating Wider Braids

Lecture 64 Creating 3D Braids

Lecture 65 Deconstructing - Combining Techniques

Section 12: Braid Placements

Lecture 66 Classic Single Braid

Lecture 67 Classic Double Braid

Lecture 68 Diagonal Braid

Lecture 69 Accent Braid

Lecture 70 Partial Headband Braid

Lecture 71 Full Headband Braids

Lecture 72 Full Crown

Lecture 73 Half Head Braid

Beauty School Students,Licensed Cosmetologists,Makeup Artists,Hairstylists




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