How To Draw Neuroart Rose

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How To Draw Neuroart Rose
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How To Draw Neuroart Rose

About This Class
NeuroArt Rose

This class teaches you a technique that can be used as a mindful/meditative practice or simply as a way to add some creativity to your life.

As an Arts Therapist, I know how useful art is as a tool for expression, to gain new insights or perspective, and also to meditate - especially for those who struggle to meditate in the traditional way.
There is absolutely no art skill needed to do this kind of art.

* What is neuroart
* How to draw a neurographic line.
* How to create a rose using the neurographic line.
* How to add colour using watercolour pencils and a water pen.
It doesn't matter if you are an experienced artist or you haven't done art since you were young. It doesn't matter if you have hours to dedicate to this or if you are -poor. Whether you are a bner or high-skilled, this course is for you!
The only thing that matters is giving it a go.
At worst, you create something you hate and throw it away but guess what You still created something! You still spent quieting your mind in the present moment. Hopefully, even if you don't like the end product, you still had fun trying.
No artist on the planet woke up one day and created a masterpiece. So don't expect that from yourself. Behind every piece of artwork out there you admire, there are numerous failed attempts. The only difference is, they didn't give up trying. Make a commitment to simply keep making marks and you WILL grow your skill and in the process, become more mindful while you're doing it!

So grab a piece of paper, a black marker and some colours of any medium of your choosing (pencils, pastels, paints, markers, etc) and join me as I guide you to create a NeuroArt Rose.
Project Guide
This class will teach you how to create a simple stylistic rose using a very specific technique called NeuroArt. While you will learn how to do the rose, you can then go on to use this same technique to create any kind of image you want, be it an animal, a flower, a character or simply a piece of abstract art.

The main purpose of this class, however, is to provide you with a way to use art as a mindful practice; a way to relax, let go of stress, to unmuddle the mind or allow the brain space to think. This class is more about the process than the end product. The end product is just a happy byproduct!
* Make sure you the Journal Prompt page below.
* As an added bonus I have also included two colouring-in pdf pages below. All you need to do is round the corners and colour it in!
Lesson 1:Introduction
Lesson 2:How to: Drawing the Neurographic Line
Lesson 3:Grounding Meditation
Lesson 4:How to: Drawing the Rose
Lesson 5:How to: Adding Colour
Lesson 6:Thank you and Goodbye!



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