Toddler Biting

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Toddler Biting
Published 11/2022
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Why Your Kid Is Biting & What You Can Do About It
What you'll learn
Why Toddlers Bite
Pre-Bite Body Language
What To Do If Your Child Bites or Gets Bitten
How To Pro-Actively Break Your Child's Biting Habit
No experience needed!
Did you get sent home with one of those little slips from daycare?A piece of paper - an "incident report" - that says your child can't come back for awhile because they BIT someone?!Well, we know it sounds scary... But you're not alone.In fact, biting is extremely common in infants and toddlers, and it doesn't mean your kid is turning into a primal monster.Even still, it's a problem. And as parents, we need to know what we can do about it. Whether your child just got bitten, or your child is in the thick of their own biting habit, this mini course will help you understand more about the complexities of infant-toddler biting, how to respond, and how to help them stop biting altogether. Because when we address their motive and reason for biting, we can often get ahead of the bite before it even happens. In this mini course, you will learn...the primary reasons toddlers bitehow to pinpoint why your particular child is bitingpre-bite body language to look forwhat to do if your child bites someonewhat to do if your child gets bittenways to respond & disciplinehow to pro-actively break their biting habit based on their motivewhen to see a doctor& more!
Lecture 1 Overview & Things to Know
Lecture 2 Why Toddlers Bite
Lecture 3 Pinpointing Why Your Child Is Biting
Lecture 4 Pre-Bite Body Language
Lecture 5 What To Do If Your Child Bites Someone
Lecture 6 What To Do If Your Child Gets Bitten
Lecture 7 Disciplining A Child Who Bites
Lecture 8 Pro-Actively Handling Fatigue, Overwhelm, and Over-Stimulation
Lecture 9 Pro-Actively Handling Teething & Oral Stimulation
Lecture 10 Pro-Actively Handling Exploration & Curiosity
Lecture 11 Pro-Actively Handling Social & Language Barriers
Lecture 12 Pro-Actively Handling Boredom
Lecture 13 Pro-Actively Handling The Desire for Control
Lecture 14 When It's Time To See The Doctor
Parents looking to break their toddlers biting habit


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