Data Loss Prevention (Dlp) In The Modern Enterprise!

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Data Loss Prevention (Dlp) In The Modern Enterprise!
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The right way to implement Data Security in modern organizations.

What you'll learn
Key Concepts in Data Loss Prevention
Sensitive Data Types
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Detection Methods
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Deployment Types
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution Types and how to select the best solution for the Organization
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Prerequisites
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Organizational Structure
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Processes
Key Concepts in Regular Expressions
Confidence to author Regular Expressions
Regular Expressions (Regex) - How to formulate them
How to use regular expressions to search and find almost anything under the sun! (textual data ofcourse ;) )
Basic understanding of IT within an Enterprise
Welcome to the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in the Enterprise Course! The course comprehensively covers the main concepts in Data Loss Prevention and explains the factors required for modern organizations to successfully implement a Data Loss Prevention Program.Topics Covered:Data Loss IncidentsTypes of Sensitive DataData Formats and Transfer ChannelsSensitive Data Detection MethodsDLP Deployment TypesDLP Solution TypesData Loss is a Business RiskDLP is primarily a ProcessData Security PolicyDLP Selection ProcessDLP Organization Structure (People Structure)DLP High Level ProcessesAdditionally, this course explains the basic concepts of regular expressions and how they could be used for pattern matching to match almost any kind of textual data.The Regex sessions are structured as below:Basic Concepts - Metacharacters and their usage.Challenges and Walkthrough - Practical Challenges for you to attempt your skills at Regular Expressions. Detailed walk through of solution. Examples include different kinds of data in table delimited format, json and xml.By the end of the course, you would be confident to create your own regular expressions!Happy Learning and All the Best! Topic Background: What is DLPData loss prevention (DLP), is defined as technologies which perform both content inspection and contextual analysis of data sent via messaging applications such as email and instant messaging, in motion over the network, in use on a managed endpoint device, and at rest in on-premises file servers or in cloud applications and cloud storage. These solutions execute responses based on policy and rules defined to address the risk of inadvertent or accidental leaks or exposure of sensitive data outside authorized channels.DLP technologies are broadly divided into two categories – Enterprise DLP and Integrated DLP. While Enterprise DLP solutions are comprehensive and packaged in agent software for desktops and servers, physical and virtual appliances for monitoring networks and email traffic, or soft appliances for data discovery, Integrated DLP is limited to secure web gateways, secure email gateways, email encryption products, enterprise content management platforms, data classification tools, data discovery tools, and cloud access security brokers.What are Regular ExpressionsRegular Expression, or regex or regexp in short, is extremely and amazingly powerful in searching and manipulating text strings, particularly in processing text files. One line of regex can easily replace several dozen lines of programming codes.Regex is supported in all the scripting languages (such as Perl, Python, PHP, and jаvascript); as well as general purpose programming languages such as Java; and even word processors such as Word for searching texts. Getting started with regex may not be easy due to its geeky syntax, but it is certainly worth the investment of your .Regular expression synax varies slightly between languages but for the most part the details are the same. Some regex implementations support slightly different variations on how they process as well as what certain special character sequences mean.


Section 1: Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Notes

Lecture 3 Data Loss Incidents

Lecture 4 Types of Sensitive Data

Lecture 5 Data Formats and Data Transfer Channels

Lecture 6 Sensitive Data Detection Methods

Lecture 7 DLP Deployment Types

Lecture 8 DLP Solution Types

Lecture 9 Data Loss is a Business Risk and Data Loss Prevention is primarily a Process

Lecture 10 Data Security Policy

Lecture 11 DLP Solution Selection Process

Lecture 12 DLP Organizational Structure (People Structure)

Lecture 13 DLP High Level Processes

Section 2: Regular Expressions - Basic Concepts

Lecture 14 Regular Expressions - Introduction

Lecture 15 Metacharacters

Lecture 16 Square Brackets and Caret Within

Lecture 17 Caret, Dollar Sign, Round Brackets, Curley Brackets

Lecture 18 Pipe

Lecture 19 Plus, Star

Lecture 20 Dot

Lecture 21 Question Mark, Back Slash

Section 3: Regular Expressions - Challenges and Walkthrough

Lecture 22 Challenge 1

Lecture 23 Challenge 1 - Walkthrough

Lecture 24 Challenge 2

Lecture 25 Challenge 2 - Walkthrough

Lecture 26 Challenge 3

Lecture 27 Challenge 3 - Walkthrough

Lecture 28 Challenge 4

Lecture 29 Challenge 4 - Walkthrough

Lecture 30 Challenge 5

Lecture 31 Challenge 5 - Walkthrough

Lecture 32 Challenge 6

Lecture 33 Challenge 6 - Walkthrough

Lecture 34 Challenge 7

Lecture 35 Challenge 7 - Walkthrough

Lecture 36 Challenge 8

Lecture 37 Challenge 8 - Walkthrough

Lecture 38 Challenge 9

Lecture 39 Challenge 9 - Walkthrough

Lecture 40 Challenge 10

Lecture 41 Challenge 10 - Walkthrough

Lecture 42 Challenge 11

Lecture 43 Challenge 11 - Walkthrough

Lecture 44 Challenge 12

Lecture 45 Challenge 12 - Walkthrough

Lecture 46 Challenge 13

Lecture 47 Challenge 13 - Walkthrough

Section 4: Regular Expressions - Real World Use Cases - Walkthrough

Lecture 48 Email Address

Lecture 49 Email Address - Walkthrough

Lecture 50 IP Address

Lecture 51 IP Address - Walkthrough

Lecture 52 Bitcoin Address

Lecture 53 Bitcoin Address - Walkthrough

Lecture 54 URL Address

Lecture 55 URL Address - Walkthrough

Lecture 56 Extract data from JSON Files

Lecture 57 Extract data from JSON Files - Walkthrough

Lecture 58 Extract data from XML files

Lecture 59 Extract data from XML files - Walkthrough

Lecture 60 Congratulations!

Lecture 61 Bonus!

Lecture 62 Feedback !

Anyone interested in learning about Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Concepts,Anyone interested in Cyber Security, IT Risk Management, IT Audit,Anyone interested in learning about Regular Expressions (Regex),Anyone interested in developing the ability to write own Regular Expressions (Regex)




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