Web Video Editing And Production (Camtasia, Ppt, Audacity)

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Web Video Editing And Production (Camtasia, Ppt, Audacity)
Web Video Editing And Production (Camtasia, Ppt, Audacity)
Last updated 11/2015
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Discover the Tools and Processes to capture, edit, produce and sell videos and create video marketing and udemy courses
What you'll learn
Capture videos on your desktop
Edit a video file with Camtasia
Adjust audio with Audacity
Prepare and record a presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint
Create and customize a video player with Flowplayer
Understand the video and audio formats and parameters
Create a marketing video message
Create a video course
Produce a video course and sell it on DVDs or CDs
learn video production
Learn video editing
be familiar with computers and the Internet
an advantage is to know some basic HTML, CSS and jаvascript
an advantage is to know to record a video with a camera and a video camera
Today videos are the most important asset if you want to make business online. Videos are an amazing viral tool in social networks and the most powerful tool when it comes to market products and services.Moreover video products and video tutorials are the most sold items on the Internet. If you were in the old days you needed a huge budget to setup a video recording studio or to hire a media company to do the job for you.In this course you will learn how to design and produce your videos, how to market them and how to setup your marketing process with videos.You will be able to produce videos for your marketing, videos as products to sell on CDs and DVDs, videos as part of eLearning products or online video tutorials, streamning videos and much more.In details, in this course you will learn:How to structure a marketing videos to promote products or services on the InternetHow to create video products as video courses, physical products and streaming videosHow to create online coursesHow to register or capture a videoHow to use Techsmith Camtasia to capture, edit and produce your videosHow to use Microsoft PowerPoint to generate animated presentations and generate videosHow to use Flowplayer and other services to generate video player for your websitesHow to create web pages with videosHow to show videos on webpages on overlay or as backgroundMoreover you will have an overview of all the hardware, software and equipment that you need to have to start producing your videos and become a web video producer
Section 1: Fundamental concepts to get started
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Set your goals
Lecture 3 The Video production process
Lecture 4 Setup Your Video Recording Studio
Lecture 5 Social Video Marketing
Lecture 6 Overview of the video services online
Lecture 7 How to choose your video camera
Lecture 8 How to choose your microphone
Section 2: Marketing Videos
Lecture 9 Introduction
Lecture 10 The Classification of Marketing Videos
Lecture 11 How to design Marketing Videos
Lecture 12 The Copywriting Blueprint
Lecture 13 Where to upload your videos
Lecture 14 Traffic Generating Videos
Lecture 15 Control the size of your videos
Lecture 16 Advanced Marketing Strategies
Lecture 17 The Marketing Funnel Process
Lecture 18 Affiliate Review Videos
Section 3: Video Products
Lecture 19 Introduction
Lecture 20 The list of possible video products
Lecture 21 How to design a Video Course
Lecture 22 How to design a single video
Lecture 23 How to organize online courses
Lecture 24 How to make your online video live
Lecture 25 Generate the video file
Lecture 26 Upload a video file to a video server
Lecture 27 Generate the HTML video widget
Lecture 28 Generate the web page
Lecture 29 Add a reference to a video player service
Lecture 30 Upload your video web pages to your server
Lecture 31 Test your setups and configurations
Lecture 32 Recommendations when you are making your online video live
Lecture 33 Physical products: organize your disks
Lecture 34 How to organize physical products
Lecture 35 The Marketing Process
Lecture 36 How to promote video courses
Section 4: Techsmith Camtasia tutorial
Lecture 37 Camtasia - Overview
Lecture 38 Camtasia - Structure Overview
Lecture 39 Camtasia - Canvas
Lecture 40 Camtasia - Caption
Lecture 41 Camtasia - Clip Bin
Lecture 42 Camtasia - Cursor Effects
Lecture 43 Camtasia - Improve an old video - Introduction
Lecture 44 Camtasia - Edit an old project
Lecture 45 Camtasia - Produce an edited low resolution video as high resolution video
Lecture 46 Camtasia - Library
Lecture 47 Camtasia - Produce videos
Lecture 48 Camtasia - Edit a project
Lecture 49 Camtasia - Timeline overview
Lecture 50 Camtasia - Timeline Tracks
Lecture 51 Camtasia - Transitions
Lecture 52 Camtasia - The View menu
Lecture 53 Camtasia - The Visual Properties tab
Lecture 54 Camtasia - Voice Narration - Camera Recording
Lecture 55 Camtasia - Zoom-n-Pan
Lecture 56 Camtasia - Callouts
Lecture 57 Camtasia - Audio
Lecture 58 Camtasia - Quizzing
Section 5: Improve audio with Audacity
Lecture 59 Audacity - Noise removal
Lecture 60 Audacity - Remove breathing
Lecture 61 Audacity - Setup for video files
Section 6: Technical Information about videos
Lecture 62 Media Bit Rate
Lecture 63 Media Frame Rate
Lecture 64 Sample Rate
Lecture 65 Key Frame
Lecture 66 Video Compressions
Lecture 67 Video Sizes
Lecture 68 Video Codecs
Lecture 69 Video Formats
Lecture 70 Video Containers
Lecture 71 FFmpeg
Lecture 72 Video Streaming
Lecture 73 Streaming Protocols
Lecture 74 Audio Codecs
Lecture 75 Put it All together
Section 7: Create wonderful video with Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
Lecture 76 PowerPoint - Overview
Lecture 77 PowerPoint - Presentation formats
Lecture 78 PowerPoint - Presentation Layouts and Slide Master
Lecture 79 PowerPoint - Format the Slide Master
Lecture 80 PowerPoint - Use the guide lines to improve your results
Lecture 81 PowerPoint - Customize the background
Lecture 82 PowerPoint - Add objects to slides
Lecture 83 PowerPoint - Format and combine objects
Lecture 84 PowerPoint - Format and combine images and objects (Part I)
Lecture 85 PowerPoint - Format and combine images and objects (Part II)
Lecture 86 PowerPoint - Align objecs
Lecture 87 PowerPoint - Slide Show
Lecture 88 PowerPoint - Prepare your presentation
Lecture 89 PowerPoint - Transitions
Lecture 90 PowerPoint - Animations
Lecture 91 PowerPoint - Trigger and define the sequence of animations
Lecture 92 PowerPoint - The animation pane and the customization of effects
Lecture 93 PowerPoint - Dynamic effects and motion paths
Lecture 94 PowerPoint - Summary of Animations - A real example
Lecture 95 PowerPoint - Cartoons: Overview
Lecture 96 PowerPoint - Cartoons: Create your characters with your own style
Lecture 97 PowerPoint - Cartoons: Create objects in prospective
Lecture 98 PowerPoint - Cartoons: create complex objects to use for you videos
Lecture 99 PowerPoint - Cartoons: generate 3D shapes
Lecture 100 PowerPoint - Cartoons: Generate and manage your library of cartoons, images, etc
Lecture 101 PowerPoint - Cartoons: customize your cartoons
Lecture 102 Powerpoint - Narration Tips & Tricks
Lecture 103 Powerpoint - Tips & Tricks (I)
Lecture 104 Powerpoint - Tips & Tricks (II)
Lecture 105 Powerpoint - Tips & Tricks (III)
Lecture 106 Powerpoint - Tips & Tricks (IV)
Lecture 107 Powerpoint - Tips & Tricks (V)
Section 8: Flowplayer - Create your own video player
Lecture 108 Floweplayer - Overview
Lecture 109 Floweplayer - Overview of the website
Lecture 110 Flowplayer - The Designer (I)
Lecture 111 Flowplayer - The Designer (II)
Lecture 112 Flowplayer - The Designer (III)
Lecture 113 Flowplayer - The Setup
Lecture 114 Flowplayer - Basic understanding of HTML
Lecture 115 Filezilla - Upload your files
Lecture 116 Flowplayer - Basic Setup (I)
Lecture 117 Flowplayer - Basic Setup (II)
Lecture 118 Flowplayer - Pure jаvascript Setup
Lecture 119 Flowplayer - jQuery Setup
Lecture 120 Flowplayer - Basic Setup - Edit your installation
Lecture 121 Flowplayer - Customize your style with the designer
Lecture 122 Flowplayer - Basic knowledge of CSS to customize your video player
Lecture 123 Flowplayer - Skinning
Lecture 124 Flowplayer - Skinning - examples
Lecture 125 Flowplayer - Embedding
Lecture 126 Flowplayer - Analytics
Lecture 127 Flowplayer - Cuepoints - Overview
Lecture 128 Flowplayer - Cuepoints - Examples
Lecture 129 Flowplayer- Cuepoints - Other examples
Lecture 130 Flowplayer - Subtitles
Lecture 131 Flowplayer - Ads
Lecture 132 Flowplayer - Playlists
Lecture 133 Flowplayer - Plugins
Lecture 134 Flowplayer - Encoding
Lecture 135 Flowplayer - API
Section 9: Special Bonuses
Lecture 136 Legal Issues for an online business
Lecture 137 Where to find royalty free music
Lecture 138 Where to find royalty free images
Lecture 139 Where to find royalty free videos
Lecture 140 Flowplayer & Fancybox
Lecture 141 Create Video Widgets with Flowplayer and Fancybox
Lecture 142 Youtube & Fancybox
Lecture 143 Useful information
Who is familiar with computers and the Internet,familiarity with the function and basic use of the software,familiarity with Windows or Mac computers

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