Fishing Maniacs [FINAL]

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Fishing Maniacs [FINAL]

Fishing Maniacs [FINAL]|127.5 mb
Tower Defense and Real Time Strategy combo! With Fishing? And guns!? 6 unique fishermen and 17 types of fish! 14 levels - from tiny to GIGANTIC! (S, M, L, XL, XXL maps!) Bombs, Chainsaws, Machine Guns, Poisons, Tesla coils..! 10-20 hours of gameplay! 10.000+ fish in 100's of waves! Yes, Fishing Maniacs has all that!
Meet Jimbo, Herb, Arizona, Billy, Lucy and Frank! Fishing Maniacs is a story about these crazy cooks, a group of friends and family that get dragged into a very unusual situation when Chef Pier opens a Fish restaurant in a pristine wilderness nearby. The pressures of consumerism and greed push this fragile ecosystem to it's utter limits. Your strategic thinking regarding the placement of your 'fish-chasing' heroes on 14 very different levels, your tactical decisions regarding their precise movement, your money saving and money spending decisions at critical points in the levels, your memorization of many waves of fish on various levels, and your hand eye coordination.

blow shit up!!
rip it up with a chainsaw.


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RATCHET 28-05-2022
28 May 2022 21:28
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!RAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!VELOCITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!RAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!VELOCITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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