OBS Studio for Presenters, Trainers and Business People

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OBS Studio for Presenters, Trainers and Business People
Instructors: Warwick Merry4 sections 7 lectures 35m total lengthVideo: MP4 1280x720 44 KHz | English + SubUpdated 3/2022 | Size: 425 MB

How to easily make your presentations more engaging, more enjoyable and more impressive
What you'll learn
How to master the basics of OBS
How to present online with impressive screen presence
How to have your image showing on top of your slide deck
How to easily share your web browser and other applications as part of your presentation
How to use Stream Deck to make your presentation easier, smoother and more engaging
Free Mask Template for Circle Camera
Basic computer understanding
Basic ability to present using a slide deck
As trainer, presenter or manager, giving presentations at meetings, events and conferences are part of what you need to do.

Add to this the ease and popularity of online meetings, are you are doing it more and more often.
But what if your presentations are so boring that even YOU can't stand it Not boring with content, because we know you are awesome, but maybe the delivery is tired or people struggle to engage
It is to take things to the next level.
OBS Studio is a powerful and free bit of software that means you can really take your presentations and visual aids to the next level. But it can be very confusing. So often the technobabble confuses you in terms of how to make it work smoothly and effortlessly every.
This course takes all the techo geek speak out and tells you exactly what to do to set up OBS and start using it effectively.
Let's be honest, you don't care what half the settings are, you just want to know what they should be!
After this course, you will know exactly how to setup OBS Studio so your presentations look amazing, and then how to simply use it as you need to.
Let's get to Making Events Awesome!
Who this course is for
This course has been designed specifically for managers, presenters, trainers and speakers who are NOT technical gurus. They are comfortable with technology but it is not their core skill set.





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