Sushi Cookbook for Beginners 150 Quick, Easy, and Flavorful Recipes to Turn your Home Kitchen

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Sushi Cookbook for Beginners  150 Quick, Easy, and Flavorful Recipes to Turn your Home Kitchen
English | January 17, 2022 | ASIN: B09QMK787M | 236 pages | AZW3 (True/Retail) | 2.18 MB

FINALLY! TURN YOUR HOME KITCHEN INTO WORLD-CLASS SUSHI RESTAURANT EVEN.IF YOU'VE NEVER MADE JAPANESE FOOD BEFORE!Do you consider yourself a sushi lover who enjoys having this delicious Japanese meal over anything else?Have you ever wondered whether or not it's possible to enjoy sushi just like in your favorite expensive restaurants?Or maybe you already tried to make sushi before but failed to achieve the texture and taste you desired?If you answered "Yes" to at least one of these questions, please read on.Now tell me.Is there anything better than delicious Friday Night Sushi with your friends and family?Turn the movie on, chill, and relax after your hard-working week.Do you picture this? Sounds good, right?Now, once you have this book, it'll become your reality, and you'll never have to think about playing the 'sushi-at-home lottery' again when you don't know how good it's going to be.Also, you won't have to spend hundreds of dollars on sushi at an expensive restaurant when you can get the same amazing taste at home. Sometimes even better!Now, take a look at what's inside this cookbook
'Sushi history in short' – for the ones who want to know the details behind this amazing Japanese culture
Manual skills you must learn before you start – and I'll teach you those!
What equipment must you have every time you make sushi?
The main ingredients and how to find them? – they go in almost every piece of sushi you'll make
7 types of easy-to-make sushi recipes that'll satisfy your taste needs every time you eat (very detailed and easy-to-follow directions included!)
Soups and Side Dishes to keep you full during the day and to increase the food variety in between
Amazing drink recipes and sauces that'll make your sushi experience even more enjoyable
Much much more.Believe me. You don't need to be an experienced Japanese chef to cook those amazing meals, not even close, because this book will lead you every step along the way, even if you've never made sushi before!

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