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English | 165 pages | Independently Published (2022) | B09RPZJKPW | EPUB,PDF | 9.71 Mb

Are you handling large data, even up to millions of rows, and require tools to analyze them without straining your computer's processing capacity

Are you looking for an easy and advanced way to carry out your data analysis, importation, filtering, query, reports, and calculations in Excel Have you possibly tried using the usual pivot table feature in Excel to execute these operations and you aren't satisfied with the results Do you wish to go beyond the restriction on the amount of data you can analyze at a in Excel Do you wish to transform your data and have every step recorded so you can easily backtrack and reuse them Do you require a guide for using the additional features of Excel tables, queries, and reports for your data visualizations Then this guide on Microsoft Excel Power Pivot and Power Query is your best choice to meet these needs.
Microsoft Excel is an application that gives workplaces an easy means for visualizing, representing, and transfog a large number of data. With the incorporation of Power Pivot and Power Query, external connections can be made to bring in data. This data can be transformed, edited, and cleaned up to any state before they are loaded into the Editors of these tools. Table relationships can also be created among these data, with PivotTables and PivotCharts inserted.
This guide will give bners and newbies to Microsoft Excel a solid foundation on Power Pivot and Power Query Editors. A bner's tour of the Editors of these tools, the various methods of importing your data and cleaning them up is not left out. Major functionalities, filtering, tricks, and loading possibilities are packed in Excel Power Pivot and Power Query, as well as the tools, queries, and functions to get the best results for your data analysis. Anyone without a background in data analysis and queries is capable of producing amazing Power Pivot and Power Query results with the lessons provided in this guide. Here's a peek at what this guide contains;
An overview of Power Pivot
Initializing the Ribbon Menu for Power Pivot
Relating Tables in Excel to Power Pivot
Managing Created Relationships in Power Pivot
Importing Data from External Data Sources into Power Pivot
Refreshing Power Pivot Data and Connection Management
Excel Internal Model for Data
Loading Data Directly into Power Pivot
Inserting Formulas into Power Pivot
Creating Calculated Columns Using Dax
Understanding Steps Involved in Using Power Query
Launching the Editor for Power Query
Management of Created Queries
Comprehending Actions in the Column and Table level
Acquiring Power Query Data from External Sources
Basic Transformation Options for Data
Creating Customized Columns
Understanding How to Convert Data Type
Putting Data into Aggregation and Groups
Using Query Steps Again
Meg Data in Power Query
Improving the Productivity of Power Query
... and a lot more
This guide further requires an understanding and practicing reader to ensure all-around satisfaction. Working and walking with this guide would in no little way help you to judiciously utilize Microsoft Excel along with its Power Pivot and Power Query Editors; as this guide is second to none in a series of helpful books on Excel.




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