Mastering Fire Dynamics Simulation (FDS - CFD) Using Pyrosim

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Mastering Fire Dynamics Simulation (FDS - CFD) Using Pyrosim
Mastering Fire Dynamics Simulation (FDS - CFD) Using Pyrosim
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 32 lectures (4h 35m) | Size: 2.07 GB

Complete Guide to Fire, HVAC & Smoke System Analysis & Simulation
What you'll learn:
How to simulate fire propagation, test & validate smoke control systems design & performance
How to simulate heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems design & performance
How to conduct thermal comfort analysis & simulate AC systems performance
Pre-Processing, Processing & Post Processing (of HVAC Systems & Fire Scenarios & Smoke Control Systems)
How to Build a 3D Model, Define Fires, Building a Mesh, Run a Simulation, Obtain Results, Analyze outputs
Pyrosim Commands and Menus & How to Use Them Efficiently

No Experience Required, However Basic Understanding of Related Engineering Principals Can Be of Advantage

This is a complete guide to fire dynamics simulation and non-fire related applications (HVAC)

In this course you will learn how to create a 3D model, build & define fire, combustion, ventilation systems, or HVAC components

you will also learn how to create a mesh and define simulation control logics & outputs

after this course you will be fully aware of how to conduct pre-processing, processing, post processing of fire dynamics simulation or HVAC systems simulation.

this course will explain in full details al the commands and options of Pyrosim to help you navigate the software and create simple & complex models

This course will help you understand fire propagation, how to define fire chemical reactions & combustions. how to understand smoke control systems design and behavior, Pyrosim have limitless applications from creating a stove fire up to fuel storage tanks fire & from small room AC to full buildings AC simulation reaching the level of accuracy to analyze flow patterns for clean room applications and tracking particles in a space or test pressurization systems

Additionally throughout the course i will be explaining using real life-case scenarios and applications to cement your knowledge at every step and i will be providing all needful resources and additional feedback at any time

Who this course is for
Mechanical Engineers Who wishes to Learn How to Simulate Fire, Smoke & HVAC Systems
Fire Protection Engineers Who Wishes to Test & Validate Fire Protection Systems Operation Against Fires
Life Safety Engineers Who Wishes to Test & Validate The Smoke Behavior and Test Evacuation Efficiency
Fire Fighters for Training Against Fire Propagation & Smoke Spread or Smoke Control Systems Behaviour
Architects Who Wishes to Test The Response of Active & Passive Fire Protection Measures in Building Design
Engineers Who Wihes to Test HVAC System Performance or Conduct Thermal Comfort Analysis
Engineers Who Wishes to Test and Validate Pressurization & Infiltration Systems Design & Operation





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