Bless My Soul A Brother's Best - D C Kile

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Bless My Soul  A Brother's Best - D C  Kile

Bless My Soul A Brother's Best - D C Kile
epub | 229.69 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09GL1VVBV | Author: D.C. Kile | Year: 2021


Stella Mitchell has had her heart set on Ozzy Wilson since the day she realized that boys really don't have cooties. He was her first and only crush. How could she not be obsessed with him? Ozzy's six pack abs, dark eyes, plump lips, and a full sleeve of tattoos would make any girl swoon.
Only one little (or big) problem. Ozzy is best friends with Wes, Stella's extremely overprotective older brother. Ozzy only sees Stella as a little kid, but she wants to change that.
When it's time for Stella to head off to college, She agrees to move into the spare bedroom of the house Wes and Ozzy share with their other roommate, Ezra. Not only will Stella be out from under her parent's watchful eyes, but she will be literally living right next to hot-as-sin Ozzy.
Stella's high school experience was less than ideal, and she hopes her Freshman year at Brunswick University will be a new beginning for her. She wants to show Ozzy that she is a sexy, grown-ass woman and can handle him. All of him.
Can Stella finally convince Ozzy to go behind Wes's back to be with her? Will they be able to control their inner demons so they can be together or were they doomed from the start?

This book is for 18+. Trigger Warning: Eating Disorder.

Category:New Adult & College Romance, New Adult & College Romance, Contemporary Romance


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