Peace State by Amber Bird

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Peace State by Amber Bird

Peace State by Amber Bird
epub | 4.69 MB | English | Isbn:978-1-945636-21-9 | Author: Amber Bird | Year: 2021


The eagerly anticipated conclusion to the Peaceforgers trilogy
After all they've sacrificed and the lines they've crossed to keep the planet from becoming a literal dystopia, Katja and her surviving allies aren't sure they-or the human race-will survive 2050. At least not with their free will intact.
Battered and betrayed, they make their plans. But the Peaceforgers have plans of their own and fewer and fewer reasons to hold back.
As the list of casualties grows...As the number of invaded minds and infected bodies soars...As the stakes become increasingly grim and the Peaceforgers escalate their attacks...As the very elements and assets she depends on most are turned against her...Katja realizes it might take more than clever code to win this one.
It turns out the future actually can get darker. And the facts keep pointing towards one solution. Want to save the light? Hack your humanity.

Category:Cyberpunk Science Fiction, Cyberpunk Science Fiction, Dystopian Fiction


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