Midlife Dragon A Dragon Shifte - Kayla Wolf

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Midlife Dragon  A Dragon Shifte - Kayla Wolf

Midlife Dragon A Dragon Shifte - Kayla Wolf
epub | 738.98 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09J41J6PQ | Author: Kayla Wolf | Year: 2021


Good cop, bad cop. It's suddenly getting a whole new meaning.

I feel like I'm at a crossroads I never thought I'd find myself.
I'm forty-one and a brand new divorcee.
It's a chance to start fresh, an opportunity to build a new life.
That's what they say. But is it?

He's a bright spot in what has become a fairly dark time.
I'm not blind, I can see that he's a catch.
I want to bury myself into his broad shoulder.
I want to inhale the spicy, masculine scent of his cologne deeply.

Ours is a professional relationship, and it can never be more.
You see, he thinks I'm a good cop. He doesn't know my secrets.
I can think of a thousand reasons why we can't be together.
But where has thinking ever gotten me?

For once, I want to stop thinking.
I want to do something reckless and wild.
I want to dream of mates and love and babies.
I want to do the stuff of fantasies.

With him.

You know that feeling of being dragged into a swamp? The complete powerlessness of being pulled into whatever fate has in store for you? Now imagine the swamp being full of blistering hot guys. And not just any guys. No, dragons, in every size, shape, and form, to take you in and make you theirs. Isn't that a swamp you'd gladly be sucked into?

Welcome to the thick, wet heat of the Everglades.

18+ readers only.

Category:Paranormal Angel Romance, Paranormal Ghost Romance, Psychic Romance


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