It Tolls For Thee Tom Morton

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It Tolls For Thee Tom Morton

It Tolls For Thee Tom Morton
epub | 1.06 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B088F1HGZZ | Author: Tom Morton | Year: 2021


A funeral celebrant's story about how celebrating death, and creating personalised space for grief, can enrich lives, and give meaning to death.
When journalist Tom Morton suffered a heart attack in 2015, his close encounter with death led him on an extraordinary journey into the world of the dead. He decided to train to become the only independent funeral celebrant on the remote Shetland islands. Armed with a new black suit and a second-hand undertaker's coat, Tom quickly learned that death requires you to think on your feet, and often to take a magpie approach to faith and philosophy. From Humanism to hymns, Theravada Buddhism to Star Wars theology, militant Marxism and prayers of all kind, he discovered the importance of ritual, humour, and the empowering act of trying to find words for something beyond language itself. This is his manifesto: a practical guide on how to prepare and plan funerals for yourself and your loved ones, all wrapped up in an intriguing...

Category:Sociology of Death, Sociology of Death, Death & Grief


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