Quantum Self Hypnosis Awaken the Genius Within

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Quantum Self Hypnosis Awaken the Genius Within
Jo Ana Starr PhD, "Quantum Self Hypnosis: Awaken the Genius Within"
English | 2011 | ISBN: 1468007637 | 250 pages | EPUB | 0.2 MB
Become empowered to make the changes you want by learning how to maximize your inner genius with the help of Quantum Self Hypnosis!

Quantum Self Hypnosis is a step-by-step guide that simplifies the process of Self Hypnosis and helps readers to create the changes they want.....easily. This 250 page, power-packed book fully prepares the reader to take control of his mind and his life by teaching him how to use his mind to create his ideal outcomes!
Dr. Jo Ana Starr, the author and Director of the New England Institute of Hypnotherapy, gives you all the tools you need to create dynamic life changes through Self Hypnosis by including 5 client-tested master Hypnosis inductions and 20 full-length Self Hypnosis scripts including Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Phobias, and more. These inductions and scripts combine to create 20+ full length, proven Self Hypnosis sessions. In addition, readers learn how to create their own custom Hypnosis scripts, and so much more.
With this book, you can duplicate the process that Clinical Hypnotherapists use to create professional sessions for clients by choosing your favorite Master Induction and combining it with the hypnosis session script of your choice.
Your FREE full-length, professional Self Hypnosis audio session valued at $29. was designed to develop user confidence in the process of Self Hypnosis as well as teaching the hypnotic cadence used by professionals to induce hypnosis in their clients. Users of the included Self Hypnosis session download have reported an increased sense of well-being, easier sleep, and a more relaxed attitude that they attribute to the use of this audio Self Hypnosis session.
The ideal applications for Self Hypnosis are almost limitless. Maybe you'd like to lose weight, or just lose your love of donuts.
Maybe you want to learn to stay motivated and working at your current priorities, or to stop smoking once and for all.
For some readers, work or business-related challenges bring them to Hypnosis. Hypnosis used for Sales Success, for example, is a great application and one that has helped thousands of sales people improve their sales numbers.
Whatever your reason for wanting to learn Self Hypnosis, you will find that Quantum Self Hypnosis is the perfect choice for those who are new to the process as well as for those who are experienced in Self Hypnosis. This easy-to-read book was written to make Hypnosis accessible to everyone, and based on the reviews, we believe that it's done just that.
If you are ready for an adventure exploring the possibilities of a mind that you control instead of visa versa, read this book. It's the easiest and quickest way to create the life you've always wanted!

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