Instant Healing - Serge Kahili King

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Instant Healing - Serge Kahili King

Instant Healing - Serge Kahili King
epub | 1019.49 KB | English | Isbn:B07T9VRVW3 |
Author: Serge Kahili King | PAge: 261 | Year: 2020


Harness the power of Hawaiian Shamanism to rapidly heal yourself using through the power of your body, energy, and mind.
Our bodies and minds are inextricably woven together in a complex and powerful way. In Instant Healing: Mastering the Way of the Hawaiian Shaman Using Words, Images, Touch, and Energy, readers will learn how to explore and strengthen that connection to promote wellness. Using the wisdom of kuna, or Hawaiian shamanism, author Serge Kahili King offers a radical path towards drug-free healing.
All forms of injury-whether mental or physical, from disease, trauma, or illness- incur physical tension and stress. King offers a radical reinterpretation by showing that this physical tension and stress is not the result of the injury or disharmony, but rather the cause of it. By working to eliminate this root stress readers can achieve physical and mental healing for themselves without resorting to invasive methods. Written...

Category:Shamanism, Energy Healing, Shamanism


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