Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Theory and Applications (Earth Observation)

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Hyperspectral Remote Sensing  Theory and Applications (Earth Observation)
English | 2020 | ISBN-13: 978-0081028940 | 483 Pages | PDF | 41.54 MB

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Theory and Applications offers the latest information on the techniques, advances and wide-ranging applications of hyperspectral remote sensing, such as forestry, agriculture, water resources, soil and geology, among others. The book also presents hyperspectral data integration with other sources, such as LiDAR, Multi-spectral data, and other remote sensing techniques. Researchers who use this resource will be able to understand and implement the technology and data in their respective fields. As such, it is a valuable reference for researchers and data analysts in remote sensing and Earth Observation fields and those in ecology, agriculture, hydrology and geology.

Includes the theory of hyperspectral remote sensing, along with techniques and applications across a variety of disciplines
Presents the processing, methods and techniques utilized for hyperspectral remote sensing and in-situ data collection



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