Fated Wolf and the Buck (Pack - Hawke Oakley

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Fated  Wolf and the Buck (Pack - Hawke Oakley
Fated Wolf and the Buck (Pack - Hawke Oakley
epub | 262.48 KB | English | Author :Hawke Oakley | B08D7WLYYS | 2020

Book Description :

A wolf hunting for his mate-literally.

As the oldest alpha in the pack, wolf shifter Dax has a big responsibility. He hunts and provides food for his family, including his brand-new niece and nephew. Though Dax wants a mate and children of his own, he hasn't met another wolf shifter to fall head over heels with and he's starting to give up hope.

But when a hunt goes wrong, Dax suddenly finds himself staring into the eyes of his fated mate-and it's the deer he's been chasing.

An omega with a big rack. of antlers.

Morgan the omega deer shifter has always been a misfit in his herd. As an older omega, his antlers are large and majestic-and bigger than any alpha's. Tired of being outshone by him, the alphas lead Morgan into a trap to get rid of him once and for all-right into the path of a hunting wolf.

But Morgan is no pushover. When he turns to fight his attacker, something odd happens. The wolf named Dax not only stops his chase, but warmly welcomes Morgan into his pack.

What the buck? Prey and predator can't live together, and they especially can't be fated mates. Can they?

Fated: Wolf and the Buck is a 46,000 word book with plenty of fluffy and steamy scenes, mpreg, low angst, no cliffhangers and a HEA as usual! It is the second in the Pack of Brothers series and best read in order.

Category : | LGBT Romance, Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance, Gay Romance

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