Witch Town Called Trouble - Bedlam - M L Briers

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Witch Town Called Trouble - Bedlam - M L Briers
Witch Town Called Trouble - Bedlam - M L Briers
epub | 173.17 KB | English | Author :M L Briers | B08BKYKQY5 | 2020

Book Description :

Death stalked the little town of Trouble, but whose death?

Bonnie had a feeling her time was running out, and she didn't want to tempt fate. Staying away from Jake or any other shifter was her only hope of staying unmated, or so she thought.

Jake was one part grateful, and one part annoyed that he hadn't met his mate. Maybe fate just didn't think him worthy? His bear didn't like it either, and it was getting restless at the thought of never finding its mate.

There was a nasty surprise waiting for Grammy in her greenhouse, and for once it wasn't the vampire. But was waiting for her in there, chilled her to her boots.

Were the wolves and bear shifters heading for a showdown?

Could this mean war?

What would that mean for the witches caught in the middle?
Find out in the last book of the Trouble series.

Live, love, and laugh with the family of witches in a romantic comedy that will brighten your day.

Other books in this series;

Book one - Witch Town Called Trouble - Mischief
Book Two - Witch Town Called Trouble - Mayhem
Book Three - Witch Town Called Trouble - Chaos
Book Four - Witch Town Called Trouble - Anarchy
Book Five - Witch Town Called Trouble - Havoc

Category : | Werewolf & Shifter Mysteries, Cozy Animal Mystery, Witch & Wizard Mysteries

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