Laruaville 13: Dracula's Castle  [2022]                 FINAL FIXED VERSION!!!

Laruaville 13: (Dracula's Castle) | 132 mb
Our Match 3 games are unique! A new Laruaville series game with a new story, a new town and a ton of Match 3 Puzzle levels to play plus bonus games.

In addition to Match 3 you can play Hidden Object, Spot the Difference scenes, Mahjong and Blocks puzzles. All of them are skippable.

You don’t have to be be afraid of Count Dracula if you're a ghost! Build Dracula's Castle, solve puzzles, play Match 3 levels and read the story of the true Dracula, told by himself!

115 new levels to complete
Wild Match-3 challenges
Spot the difference and Hidden Object scenes
Replay all levels and all bonus games you've already completed.


The Jolly Gang's Misadventures in Africa [FINAL]

The Jolly Gang's Misadventures in Africa [FINAL]|185 mb
Join the Jolly Gang as it heads to Africa in search of treasure! When Moxxie gets it in her head that an old map will lead her to a fortune in diamonds, nothing will stop her from grabbing her pals Shaggy and Boar and hopping on the next plane to Namibia. Once there, the three embark on a madcap adventure through the African outback in search of a missing professor, his gems, and a way to give the pesky customs officials the slip.

Help Moxxie and her friends
Find a fortune in diamonds
Join the Jolly Gang!


Mystery Case Files 24: The Last Resort Collector's Edition [FINAL] 2022

Mystery Case Files 24: The Last Resort Collector's Edition [FINAL] |852 mb

proudly presents the next exciting case in the blockbuster Mystery Case Files series!
After your last case, a ski trip is just what the doctor ordered, but this is no vacation! Step back into the shoes of the ever-scrupulous Master Detective for an unforgettable new adventure that will take you into the wilderness beyond the quiet town of Mountain View in search of a group of missing travelers, including a member of the royal family. But beware! The town, the hotel, and even the mountain itself hide terrible secrets that could drive a lesser detective mad. You’ll need all the skills you’ve perfected in your career to crack this case, detective! Get ready to hit the slopes in this riveting new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game!

This is a special full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard.

Return to the deadly mountainside in the bonus chapter!
Navigate the wilderness with the strategy guide!
Find Jigsaw Collectibles to earn achievements and unlock the Bonus Puzzle!
Downloadable wallpaper and music to bring the mystery home!


Holiday Thanksgiving Pack Vol. 1 (2022)

Holiday Thanksgiving Pack Vol. 1 (2022)|510 mb
a small assortment of games for this holiday season!
Chicken Invaders 4- Thanksgiving--SAVE THE UNIVERSE FROM THE EVIL CHICKENS
HolidayJigsawThanksgivingDay--A fun and no pressure jigsaw puzzle
Shopping Clutter 4 A Perfect Thanksgiving --A hidden object game for all ages
Thanksgiving Day Mosaic--Fun shapes setting in the thankdgiving holiday spirit[/colo

Tasty Merge [UPDATE FINAL] 2022

Tasty Merge [FINAL]|58 mb
At Merge Tasty, the annual food merger competition is taking place, bringing together animal and human chefs from around the world.

It's a culinary world beyond imagination, full of world-famous delicacies. With your dream of becoming a chef, you'll explore exotic cooking in delicious towns, meet skilled animal chefs, and discover new magical restaurants.


Art Coloring 15 [FINAL]

Art Coloring 15 [FINAL]|311 mb
Art Coloring 15 is more than a painting game. It's a whole world of beautiful paintings, elegant curves, and vibrant colors. Only your desire is required now to become a creator! Choose a color, find the right number, and fill the image with vibrant paints. Furthermore, you can now select your preferred coloring style: coloring areas or coloring pixels. Complete fantastic works of art to become the artist!

- 64 brightful art paintings.
- 64 brightful pixel paintings.
- Select the coloring style: coloring of numbered areas or pixel painting.
- Switch between textured painting and flat coloring.





Pixel Art 49 [FINAL]

Pixel Art 49 [FINAL]|40 mb
Painting has never been easier! There is no need to be concerned about selecting colors. Simply relax and enjoy! Choose from a variety of incredibly entertaining photos, then follow the numbers to bring them to life.

- 80 breathtaking images
- Fill area tool to assist you in completing the image
- Get hours of relaxation and entertainment!





Organs Please (2022)

Organs Please (2022)|967 mb

A dark and satirical management sim, where you take control of a recycling factory with a twist: it recycles humans. Your job is to decide who gets to escape our dying planet in a cozy spaceship and who sacrifices their blood, sweat and tears for humanity. Literally.
Earth’s population is on the verge of a global resource crisis. Can you build the spaceship on time and earn one more chance for humankind? Hurry, you only have only 30 days left!

Screen the visitors dying to get off the planet and more than willing to risk being turned into canned food, incinerated or hired as one of the factory’s employees. The pros and cons of each fate are debatable.
Manage the factory floor, construct new facilities and upgrade the research center. Resources are finite, so try to make sure things don’t fall apart before the ship takes off.

Hire staff with unique quirks, fears and prejudices. Promote hard workers and keep them pampered with improved amenities. As for the lazy ones…they get sent to a special room in the darkest corner of the factory.

Juggle orders from competing organizations and be sure to meet your weekly quota to keep the higher-ups happy. Remember – you are alive as long as you are useful.

Elven Rivers II: New Horizons Collector's Edition [FINAL-UPDATED]

Elven Rivers 2: New Horizons Collector's Edition [FINAL]|304 mb
Elven Rivers 2 - New Horizons Collector's Edition returns to a vibrant fantasy world! Face familiar enemies and new foes over more than 60 story-driven Time Management levels!
Elven Rivers 2 - New Horizons Collector's Edition returns to a vibrant fantasy world! Explore the neighboring continent of beast-men with Celene and her teammates as they face familiar enemies and new foes. Carve a path for the mighty elven fleet as you manage time and resources over dozens of gripping levels. Protect the magical beast lands in Elven Rivers 2 - New Horizons Collector's Edition!
This is a special full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard.


Enjoy more than 60 story-driven Time Management levels!
Find rare collectibles and earn exciting achievements.
Reunite with old friends and meet new lovable characters.
Embark on a journey through a fantastical world!


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