DA-HtAccess 3.2.1

qavioppoiliy 8 Jun 2024 16:23 WINDOWS APPS

DA-HtAccess 3.2.1

DA-HtAccess 3.2.1

File size: 2.1 MB

Create .htaccess config files for Apache webservers. Functions like password protection, error pages, redirects and custom code allow the quick creation of your configuration file. You don't have to learn the special syntax for the config. The integrated FTP upload function allows to upload the .htaccess file directly to your webspace.

The password and user management allows to create password protected areas for your website. You can add as many users as you want. Import and export with the CSV format.

Quickly create .htaccess configuration files
.htaccess files created with only a few clicks. Functions can be activated and added to your config.

Change the URLs of your homepage or move to another domain, no problem with redirects. Import and Export with CSV files.

FTP Upload
Upload your .htaccess files directly to your webspace with the integrated FTP upload function.

Password protection
Create password protected areas for your homepage. Access only with the correct username and password. Import and export of CSV files

Error Pages
Define your own custom error pages.


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