Fort Firewall 3.12.13

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Fort Firewall 3.12.13

Fort Firewall 3.12.13
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Protecting your computer against threats on the internet usually means one has to filter internet access more strictly. What better way to do that if not by using a firewall? Windows comes packed with a firewall by default. If you're not satisfied with it and are looking for more ways to control and monitor your PC's access to the internet, Fort Firewall could be one particular way to go.

What can this application do for me?
As far as its features are concerned, you get the full package. Start with filtering content by network addresses or by grouping the apps on your PC. Limit internet access and speed or usage for certain applications. Keep an eye on the evolution of your PC's connections by analyzing the stored traffic statistics. Get the help you desire from graphical displays showing bandwidth development. If one adds the fact that the whole program is based on WFP, otherwise known as Windows Filtering Platform, you come to the conclusion that this application integrates very well with Windows operating systems.

More security or simply more control
Probably the most interesting aspect for basic users is the added security it can provide for your PC. Practically, by giving more room for control and more options to tailor internet usage to one's tastes, you might be able to increase the security on your PC, but it's up to you. Fear not though, if there are certain exceptions to be made, you can simply add them to a whitelist, thus not overprotecting your machine.

Fort Firewall is an application that does not necessarily bring something new to the table. On the contrary, it employs a classic formula. Still, it offers more control over your PC's internet connections, the way certain apps use your bandwidth, and how your machine interacts with the internet for achieving various tasks. Every aspect of this application is there to simplify the way one interacts with their PC's firewall security system.




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