Chaos Corona 11 HF2 for 3ds Max 2016 – 2025 (x64)

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Chaos Corona 11 HF2 for 3ds Max 2016 – 2025 (x64)
Chaos Corona 11 HF2 for 3ds Max 2016 – 2025 (x64) | 681 MB

Easily create stunning bathrooms, kitchens, walls, and floors with procedural tiles thanks to the Corona Tile Map.
You can now use bitmaps or procedural maps to define the colors of the tiles and repeat, randomize, or even tessellate an image onto the tiles, depending on your needs. The Corona MappingRandomizer and MultiMap now come with "by tile id" modes, so that you can randomize results by each tile if desired.
Corona Tile Map also lets you create multiple inputs and outputs, which means one tile map can be used to control results for color, glossiness, bump, displacement, and more, rather than having to keep several different tile maps in sync.

Scatter Altitude
Define upper and lower limits for scattering, creating more realistic and captivating nature scenes with Scatter Altitude.
For example, you can set upper and lower limits for treeline, and waterline, and scatter some clouds around mountain tops without affecting the lower part of the scene.

Scatter Look At
You can now have scattered items look in the same direction quickly and easily using Scatter Look At.
A prime example would be scattered people looking at a stage, or fish in a tank swimming in the same direction.

Edge Map/Edge Shader
Easily apply effects like weathering and staining to the edges of objects with Edge Map/Edge Shader. This is particularly useful for objects with no thickness like leaves, photos, maps, paper, etc.
The new Edge Map/Edge Shader creates a color gradient based on how far away a point is from a geometric edge.

Add an extra layer of action to your scenes with smoke, fire, and other simulations thanks to Pyro. With our new Pyro support, you no longer need to run the simulation, export it to OpenVDB, and then load it back into the scene. Everything is done seamlessly directly in Corona for Cinema 4D.

Corona Power Tools
Corona 11 for 3ds Max comes with a set of handy scripts called Corona Power Tools, designed to speed up and replace repetitive and tedious design adjustments.
For example, the Object Replacer tool allows you to easily swap a set of similar objects with different ones (i.e. chairs in a room).

In addition, with the randomization feature in Corona Power Tools, you can jiggle these objects around to achieve higher realism.
Corona Power Tools offer a range of other capabilities including the ability to adjust pivot points, clean up a scene, and more. These versatile tools will prove to be quite useful in many different scenarios.
Other improvements

Improved Normal / Bump filtering reduces the loss of detail in those channels that can come with using a smaller render resolution or moving an object further away from the camera.
Experience enhanced results with the new Intel Denoiser, now compatible with CPU and NVIDIA GPU.
Users can now take advantage of the color management options offered by the latest versions of Cinema 4D and 3ds Max.
Corona 11 for Cinema 4D also comes with an improved Lister feature.

What News?
Compatibility with Autodesk 3ds Max 2025 version. (Improvement)
Added a warning about Corona not fully supporting OCIO color management workflow. (Improvement)
Fixed rare NAN in Caustics solver.
Fixed rare NAN caused by an error in VFB.
Fixed issue where some scenes with Chaos Scatter might never complete loading.
Fixed issue where using Isolate would lead Scatter to recompute and thus slow down viewport interaction.
Fixed an issue with improper display of the edge trimming tooltip.
Fixed incorrect edge trimming for instances of hierarchical/group models.
Fixed edge trimming map usage detection for the hierarchical/group models.
Fixed include/exclude areas filtering for on-spline scattering.
The Gamma Correction operator, added during the previous hotfix, is now removed. Corona will automatically apply the needed correction depending on 3ds Max color management settings.


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