Brightstone Mysteries: The Others Remastered Collector's Edition (macOS)

BFGfan 17 Feb 2024 12:31 MAC GAMES

Brightstone Mysteries: The Others Remastered Collector's Edition (macOS)

Brightstone Mysteries: The Others Remastered Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object
Publisher: Big Fish Games
Language: English
Release Date: 16 february, 2024
File Size: 1.08 gb

A local toymaker and his factory workers mysteriously vanished in one night, and you’ve been summoned to investigate. You’ll notice something strange about the small village where the toymaker resides immediately upon arrival, and it’s up to you to delve into the town’s hidden mysteries and discover the truth. But your first task will be to learn more about the strange inhabitants of this unnerving little hamlet.
Parts of this once-peaceful town seem entirely abandoned, while others appear normal and stable. Little makes sense at first, but as you progress forward, speak with the locals, search for clues, and solve riddles, a mystery reveals itself before you. Are the ominous figures in black trying to help you, or are they leading you into certain peril? What lies beyond the elaborate labyrinth? Discover the truth as the pieces fall together in this mind-bending hidden-object masterpiece!
With refreshed and improved graphics, wide-screen support, a new interactive map, replayable hidden-object scenes and mini-games, and more, it’s the perfect time to experience this mysterious classic!

The Collector’s Edition includes:
Replay your favorite mini-games and hidden-object scenes at any time!
The remaster includes redesigned user interface, inventory, and hint features!
Handy interactive map with a teleport function to quickly get where you need to go.
The remaster delivers updated, high-definition graphics to bring you deeper into the story!

macOS 10.15 or later required


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