Farming Fever (macOS)

BFGfan 4 Dec 2023 11:10 MAC GAMES

Farming Fever (macOS)

Farming Fever

Genre: Time Management
Publisher: Big Fish Games
Language: English
Release Date: 10 december, 2023
File Size: 330 mb

Don the dual hats of a farmer and a chef, navigate the challenges of farm life, tend to your crops, care for your livestock, and then utilize your harvest in a myriad of delectable recipes to satisfy your customers' diverse culinary desires! Your journey begins in the serene countryside, with a captivating narrative to guide you through the roles and responsibilities of managing a successful farm-to-table operation. Expand your farm and diversify your produce through 120 meticulously crafted levels as you travel to distinct locations packed with unique farming and cooking opportunities! The serene artwork and soothing music enhance the sense of peace and productivity, making your gaming experience immersive and delightful for the eyes and the ears! It's time to sow, harvest, and create!

Immerse yourself in fun with beautiful original art and an inspiring soundtrack!
Explore three diverse locations with 120 challenging levels!
Upgrade equipment and other items on the farm to increase production!
Perfect your strategy with 15 incredible puzzle mini-games!

macOS 10.15 or later required


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