Acustica Audio Brown 2023

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Acustica Audio Brown  2023

Acustica Audio Brown 2023
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Brown includes emulations of vintage hardware units originally made for the US Army, and widely used in AM radio broadcasts. Due to their striking sonic character, these units grew in popularity, and were used in recording and mixing studios worldwide.

Your Vintage, Military Radio-Inspired Secret Weapon
Brown includes an authentic collection of rare, all-tube compressor units from the 1940s and 50s, along with classic reissues sought-after by collectors worldwide. Immortal records by Frank Sinatra, Beach Boys, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, and more, owe an important part of their sound to these units; they were commonplace in studios owned by Capitol Records, A&M Records, Motown West, Record Plant, and more.
Just like the original, our exceptional plugin suite includes a channel strip, an equalizer, a dual-mono compressor, and a preamp module.
It also features 3 different switchable dynamics processor emulations (the original model, custom mode, and a "Frankenstein" mode created by Acustica) with preamp emulations.
"Do you copy?"
Brown's EQ includes three switchable equalizers: "
A 4-band semi-parametric EQ with high-pass and low-pass filters.
A 3-band inductor-based EQ with all discrete op-amp design.
A 2-band discrete transistor and active inductor EQ derived from historic US-made units from the late 1960s and classic reissues.
60 preamp emulations derived from vintage and modern units from the 1940s to the present day (24 line preamps, 24 mic preamps, and 12 custom preamps).
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