Airborne Kingdom The Lost Tundra 1.9 (macOS)

BFGfan 28 Nov 2022 13:34 MAC GAMES

Airborne Kingdom The Lost Tundra 1.9 (macOS)

Airborne Kingdom The Lost Tundra

Genre: Simulation - Strategy - Exploration
Publisher: Freedom Games
Language: English
Subtitles: Multilingual
File Size: 1.43 gb

Airborne Kingdom — the sky city builder. Grow your unique town among the clouds, and fly it across a wide-open landscape. Explore the skies to restore serenity to the world below.

Design and build your flying domain, from a single bobbing fan, to a sprawling Airborne Kingdom
Attract migrants from the clans below, each with their own distinct wants and desires
Meet and barter with other clans, combining their knowledge to form new technologies
Change your play-style every game, with a sprawling, randomly-generated map to explore

macOS 10.13.6 or later required


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